Kilian launches the ‘IMPERIAL TEA’ at Paris Gallery

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Kilian launches the 'IMPERIAL TEA' at Paris Gallery

Kilian launches the ‘IMPERIAL TEA’ at Paris Gallery, the fourth fragrance in its Asian Tales Collection

Dubai,  IMPERIAL TEA is inspired by the Chinese tale of ‘The Big Red Toga Tea,’ the story of a persevering son searching for a cure to save his mother who was the emperor’s mistress.  During his quest, he had to face many obstacles.  Along the journey, he discovered a tree that was slightly hidden and nestled into the cliff. He noticed that water flowed from this tree and, intuitively seeing it as a sign, decided to bring a few leaves back to his mother. She immediately made tea out of the leaves and, after drinking it, was miraculously healed in few days.  This tea soon became known as ‘The Big Red Toga Tea’ referring to the red coat worn by the loving son who found the leaves. As the tea gained notoriety, it was later renamed ‘Imperial Tea’ by the Emperor and reserved specially for the palace.

IMPERIAL TEA is a creation built around the olfactive impression of the authentic Jasmin tea.  It is the most accurate possible reproduction of the note that you can inhale from a freshly brewed cup of tea. The unique scent of Jasmin tea is so well-known that it is difficult to distinguish between the green tea notes and the delicate Jasmin bud notes. Kilian wanted to fully translate the exquisite and delicate sensation of refreshment that one experiences with this timeless beverage.

Perfumer: Calice Becker


Retail Prices

50ml Refillable Spray: 1,065 AED

50ml Refill: 525 AED

30ml Refillable Travel Spray: 635 AED

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