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 Key Trend Looks

Key Trend Looks this Party Season

Winter 2013


The Winter Up-Do if perfect to take you from your daytime look into the evening. During office hours decorate your style with simple hair clips and sharks. Add some sparkling Evita Peroni hair accessories to your look to take you effortlessly into your evening events.

Still hot for this season is the high bun. Use the Evita Peroni Frieda Volume Creator to add fullness. Roll long hair around the Volume Creator and clip together to produce a smooth bun. Decorate with the Evita Peroni soft beaded band for stunning results.


Evita Peroni Frieda Volume Creator AED20

For a stunning evening look, create an amazing layered bun with the following steps:

1. Secure the hair into a high pony tail. Divide the ponytail into two sections.

2. Start to plait the left section of the ponytail. Take a small amount of hair from the left side.  As you plait add sections of the hair from the right side. This is like a French plait, just adding from the right.

3. Continue until all the left side of the hair in plaited in.

4. Do the same with the right side of the ponytail.

5. Now lift the left side of the ponytail plait. You will see the effect emerging.

6. Secure the plait to the top of the head with bobby pins, bringing the bottom of the plait around to the bottom of the head and again securing in place. Do the same with the other side.

7. Decorate with sparkling beaded pelican clips for a beautiful festive up do.

Key Trend Looks 2

For a pretty day look this festive season follow the following steps:

1. Take a front section of hair on the right and plait. Secure with an elastic.

2. Take a front section of hair on the left and twist. Secure in place with a bobby pin.

3. Take the plait and roll into an informal bun across the twist. Secure with pretty Evita Peroni Naomi pearl bobby pins.



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