Judith Hobby Clothing Launches New Jewellery Line

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Judith Hobby Clothing Launches New Jewellery Line 2

Judith Hobby Clothing Launches New Jewellery Line

Fusion – naturally beautiful jewellery


DUBAI: When it comes to summer fashion in Dubai, Judith Hobby Clothing is  light, fluid and cool. With so many unique designs to choose from at such a friendly price, you can enjoy ease of movement and comfort in the heat wearing the most beautiful ladies’ wear. However, it is accessories that are the key to making an outfit complete.

Judith Hobby Clothing is proud to announce the launch of Fusion her new accessories line.

Made from natural, biodegradable and durable material, the jewellery from Fusion creatively uses bone, horn, wood, shell and brass in its designs. Historically, these materials have been used across many cultures as a symbol of power and good fortune. The natural beauty brings a source of good energy to the pieces and every small imperfection of nature gives a unique, one-of-a-kind appeal. The jewellery is also delicate and to be treated with care.

Available from Judith Hobby Clothing from May 2014, here are our Top Four picks:



Natural brown beads that fall with ease below your neck and create a casual necklace. Perfect for a lunch date or daytime shopping, this piece will add a unique, warrior look to your outfit. A versatile and bold accessory.

Details: Multiple strands of beads

Price: 550 AED



For a necklace that is more formal, this exotic piece resembles the look of Greek Goddess.  With golden rings of horn linked together to form a large accessory for around your neck, your formal black dress will never look the same again.

Details: Rings of horn with a ribbon tie

Price: 350 AED

Judith Hobby Clothing Launches New Jewellery Line


Enjoy a very casual look with this necklace that can be worn with any T-shirt or informal dress. Adding an Aztec feel to your look, this is a piece that can be matched with lots of different clothes and also makes a perfect gift for a friend.

Details: Three pieces of horn on a black string

Price: 350 AED



Wear your bracelets bold with this stunning design. Whether you keep them dangling on your wrists or above your elbows, these horn cuffs add a real edge to your outfit for a casual, funky appearance.

Details: Horn cuff – bracelet

Price: 200 AED


You can visit the website: judithhobbyclothing.com to marvel at the new jewellery and many other versatile designs available, or register online for the newsletter and keep up to date on the open house events. From skirts to trousers, jumpsuits and accessories, beach, office or party, Judith Hobby Clothing is your one-stop-shop for Dubai style.


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About Judith Hobby Clothing:

Judith Hobby Clothing (JHC) was started in 2011 due to the lack of affordable and fashionable clothes that were comfortable, yet still had an edgy style. The online store stocks dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, tops, trousers and accessories and although available in one size only, this will generally fit a high street UK 8 – UK 14.  For more information visit: www.judithhobbyclothing.com, or contact +971 50 459 1366.


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