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Jergens Creams Collection

Jergens Creams Collection – Soft Glowing Skin, Whatever Your Skin Type  

With a host of beauty solutions out there, choosing the right moisturiser for your skin type can be an overwhelming experience. With over 25% of women in UAE & KSA facing problems with dry skin, many women will need to carefully select their face creams around their skincare needs and being skin type-savvy is just as important for other parts of your body[1].

So how do you define whether your skin is normal, dry, sensitive or oily? Those with normal skin will have no visible flaws or pores, their skin will have natural radiance and little sensitivity. Dry skin will be prone to flaking and often sensitive giving a dull and rough complexion. Those with sensitive skin can feel irritation which is experienced by more than 60% of women in KSA & UAE who have expressed phase’s sensitive skin. Oily skins often break-out easily and suffer from enlarged pores and a shiny appearance.

For beautiful skin that looks as good as it feels, leading skincare brand Jergens® has launched a new range of moisturising creams, specially formulated for long-lasting hydration, deep conditioning and visibly healthier-looking skin – whatever your skin type.

Available in four captivating fragrances, the Jergens Creams range includes: Softening Musk, Enriching Shea Butter, Hydrating Coconut Milk and Soothing Aloe Vera; each cream has been designed to hydrate and nourish different skin types thanks to its fast-absorbing formula containing glycerin and moisture-locking technology.

Best for dry skin:

–          Enriching Shea Butter has been specifically designed for extra-dry skin. Infused with pure Shea Butter and a wealth of vital nutrients, this velvety rich cream instantly relieves dry and tired looking skin for a visibly radiant glow.

–          Softening Musk effortlessly cocoons your dry skin in a lightweight, long-lasting indulgent musk scented body cream to help protect against dryness and leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

Best for normal-dry skin: 

–          Hydrating Coconut Milk is a lightweight formula rich in antioxidants and uniquely designed to help dry skin retain its natural moisture whilst gently conditioning your skin to leave it looking visibly silky and smooth.

Best for oily skin:

–          Soothing Aloe Vera combines rejuvenating Aloe with Vitamin B5 and E. The formula helps cool and enrich your skin leaving it visibly refreshed.

The Jergens research also indicated that over 66% of women use body cream after shower, so the new range of soft body creams is ideal for daily use and will leave your skin feeling visibly smoother whilst banishing dry areas with the uniquely designed non-greasy formulas. Each indulgent cream is dermatologist tested and bursting with a unique sensory fragrance available in a 250ml jar and handy 100ml tube.


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