JAWBONE® Launches UP24™ Worldwide

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JAWBONE® Launches UP24™ Worldwide

JAWBONE® Launches UP24 Worldwide 

New real-time experience for the UP® system


Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Jawbone® today announced the launch of UP24™ in 29 countries around the world. UP24™ is the newest hardware option for the UP® system – the wristband, app and data service that helps you understand how you sleep, move and eat so you can make choices to live better.

The new UP24 wristband connects wirelessly to your iOS® or AndroidTM device via Bluetooth® Smart to provide continuous feedback and in-the-moment notifications to help you achieve your goals. The UP App uses your own data to deliver insights and celebrate milestones while challenging you to accomplish more each day and also gives you individually tailored reports on how your sleep and activity interrelate. In addition, the standalone iOS app UP Coffee™ tracks caffeine intake over time to demonstrate the impact of caffeine on sleep.

Designed for the way you live, UP24 features the same sophisticated form factor and technology that current UP users love. The smooth, hypoallergenic, medical-grade rubber exterior features a new, stylish textural design, and like UP, UP24 is small and comfortable enough to wear throughout each day and night.

“The UP community has already logged more than 500 billion steps and 50 million nights of sleep. It’s an astounding amount of data,” said Travis Bogard, vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone. “While data is good, understanding is better. UP24 is the first lifestyle tracker to help people make real sense of their data, understand their patterns over time and make smarter choices. UP pushes timely information to you to help turn your intentions into action – a gentle nudge suggesting an earlier bedtime if you want to meet your sleep target or an alert that you have nearly reached your steps target for the day.”

The UP App for iOS and Android encourages and motivates you to take small steps that can turn into long-term progress – all based on your unique data from your UP or UP24 wristband:

  • Today I Will: The UP Insight EngineTM delivers simple, achievable opt-in commitments called “Today I Will” focused in one of three categories – sleep, movement, or water intake – that challenge you to accomplish a suggested goal in a day’s time.
  • Streaks & Milestones: As you continue to achieve your goals over time, the UP App rewards you with celebrations of your short-and long-term progress.
  • Activity Alerts:  When using UP24, you’ll receive relevant move notifications from the UP App throughout the day. These personalised nudges are delivered at a time and place relevant to you – based on your data – all enabled by UP24.
    • Sleep Recovery: UP and UP24 users can get the benefit of the bands’ revolutionary sleep tracking system even if they occasionally forget to put their band in Sleep Mode.
    • Activity Log: The UP App lets you reflect on your recent activity by giving you a snapshot of the steps, sleep, workouts and meals you’ve logged since you last visited the app.

The UP App for iOS also includes additional features which analyze data from your UP or UP24 band to provide you with tailored insights around how your sleep and activity interrelate as well as reminders.

  • New Insights:  After consistently tracking sleep and activity for several weeks, the UP Insight Engine will generate a personalised assessment of your steps and sleep.
  • Reminders: To stay on track, the UP App allows you to set tailored reminders that prompt you to conduct a desired task at a desired time. Customise your own reminder to complete a workout, get ready for bed, or take a pill, and UP will remind you with an app notification and gentle band buzz.


UP Coffee

In recognition of the millions of coffee and tea lovers worldwide, Jawbone has launched the UP Coffee app to help people track their caffeine intake and understand the impact on their sleep.

UP Coffee is available on iOS as a standalone app, but when it is linked with data from your UP or UP24 band, UP Coffee analyzes how your caffeine intake affects your sleep patterns. The standalone application helps you understand more about your caffeine choices by correlating caffeine intake and projected sleep time. Simply log a coffee, tea, energy drink or other caffeinated beverage in the UP Coffee app to see a visual display of where you fall on a spectrum from “Wired” to “Sleep Ready” at any given time. After tracking both caffeine intake and sleep for 10 days, UP Coffee can tell you things like the amount of sleep you lose on average for every 100mg of caffeine you ingest.



The UP24 band comes in three sizes (Small, Medium, and Large) and two colors (Onyx and Persimmon), priced at 649 AED, it will be available at Jawbone.com, and at IStyle, Jumbo Electronics, Virgin, Sharaf DG & Dubai Duty Free.

The UP App is available in 12 languages:  English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

The UP by Jawbone 3.0 App for Android is available today as a free download on Google PlayTM.

Jawbone’s app for iOS, UP by Jawbone 3.1, is also available today as a free download from the App StoreSM. The UP or UP24 wristband is required for the app.

UP Coffee for iOS 7 is available globally in English as a free download from the App Store.

UP24 is powered by the patented MotionX® Engine based on the biomechanics of natural human motion, developed by Fullpower. Its battery lasts 7 days, and it can be charged through your computer or USB power adapter via the included 2.5mm USB cable.


About Jawbone®

For more than a decade, Jawbone® has developed human-centered wearable technology and audio devices that solve everyday problems and help us live better. A 2010 IDSA Design of the Decade winner, the company is the creator of the best-selling JAMBOX® family of wireless speakers, the award-winning Jawbone ERA® and ICON™ Bluetooth® headsets, and NoiseAssassin® technology. Jawbone’s approach to lifestyle tracking is unique, with over 430 patents filed related to Jawbone’s lifestyle tracking ecosystem and its wearable technology manufacturing processes. Jawbone is privately held and headquartered in San Francisco.

Jawbone®, UP®, UP24™, UP CoffeeTM, Insight Engine TM, JAMBOX®, BIG JAMBOX®, MINI JAMBOX™, Jawbone ERA®, ICON™ and NoiseAssassin® are trademarks owned by AliphCom dba Jawbone in the U.S. and elsewhere. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.


About Fullpower Technologies

Founded in 2003, Fullpower’s world-class team leads the wearable revolution with the MotionX Plug & Play Ecosystem for wearable. MotionX powers market-leading wearable solutions from Nike, Jawbone and others. The Fullpower wearable patent portfolio includes more than 40 issued patents and more than 70 patents pending.




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