Introducing Kelly Van Gogh Masterblend

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Introducing Kelly Van Gogh Masterblend

Introducing Kelly Van Gogh Masterblend™ Luxury Refill Kits

Superb colour from the comfort of your own home made even more affordable!


Dubai: When you colour your hair, it’s always best to keep the colour fresh and vibrant and natural. Even if you love boldness or like to try something out of the ordinary, you always want your hair to be healthy and full of life. Of course, this means NO roots. Especially with the festive season peeping just around the corner, don’t allow those roots to make a surprise appearance! Be prepared… without breaking the bank. But, how?

Celebrity colourist KELLY VAN GOGH® has just the answer. Her very own best-selling Master Blend™ Multi-Dimensional Luxury Hair Colour range is now available in special Refill Kits. Available in all of Kelly Van Gogh’s delicious shades, there’s now no need to worry about your roots or fading colour any longer. You can have bold and beautiful hair all year round.

So, how does the Refill Kit differ from the original pack? Simple. You pay less! The Refill Kit contains the Kelly Van Gogh Developer and the Cream Colour only, which means you pay just AED 85 rather than the original full kit retail price of AED 145. The gloves and applicators that are sold in the original kit are of the highest in salon quality, which means they are re-useable, so once you have bought them, you won’t need to keep replacing them… just replace your hair colour!

Master Blend™ Multi-Dimensional Luxury Hair Colour Refill Kits are available in 10 beautiful shades from 1st November 2013. The KELLY VAN GOGH® luxury hair colour and care range can be found at Bloomingdales, Areej and online at and

Let your hair get into full swing this party season, with Kelly Van Gogh.


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Kelly Van Gogh is revolutionising the hair colour industry.  Kelly has created customised colours for some of the most photographed women in the world. Working side by side with the biggest names in the industry, her work has been displayed in over 200 editorials, film and TV.  Since the age of 18 Kelly has been developing breakthrough colour products for Clairol, Logics and Aveda. She decided it was time to put this experience, and her passionate colour philosophy, into her own line.  After selling her three successful salons in South Beach, Atlanta and NYC, that featured her press obsessed COLOUR BARS, Kelly went back to school at Columbia University.  There she obtained a background in chemistry and developed her patented hair colour delivery system.  This is changing the nature of how people think about hair colour forever.

Kelly always believed that hair colour should not be tricky, scary, messy or a chore. Hair colour should be a creative process and as simple as putting on makeup.  Kelly devised her luxury Private Hair Colour Kits to include re-usable custom application tools.  Her formulas are no drip, no smell and no stain allowing a woman or man, who has never coloured their hair before, to be able to apply their whole head in less than 10 minutes.  After 10 years of painstaking development and testing on 300 of her most demanding VIP clients, Kelly is proud to present Master Blend™. This is the first patented Caviar Hair Colour System and Caviar Colour Treatment line that repairs your hair as you colour, leaving your hair in better condition than before.  The KELLY VAN GOGH® line treats hair colour problems from the inside out, making hair the most beautiful canvas for hair colour.  Kelly’s colour philosophy is if you don’t have a beautiful canvas for hair colour, your hair colour will not be beautiful.



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