Hair Care Advice from Expert Charbel Doumit

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Hair Care Advice from Expert Charbel Doumit

Hair Care Advice from Expert Charbel Doumit for 2014 Brides

–         Announces his achievements in the world of beauty, initiatives by  L’Oreal Professional, and participation in L’Officiel for bride 2014


Abu Dhabi, UAE: Charbel Doumit, hairstyle expert and founder of ‘HAIRWAVES by Charbel’ in Abu Dhabi, congratulates 2014 brides and brides to be, and offers them general hair care tips and specific wedding tips to enjoy a healthy and shiny hair with the most beautiful hairstyle.

As a start, with regards to hair color, Charbel says: “At least two months prior to the wedding day, dye your hair in a color that matches your skin. Allocating this time would allow you to identify the various layers in your hair, take good care of it and trim the edges. Visit the hair care expert that would advise you on the healthy hair care products that would revive your hair and maintain its color”.

With regards to hair care sessions, Charbel says that the hair expert should advise the bride on how to always take care of her hair, knowing that it is preferable Hair Care Advices from Expert Charbel Doumit for 2014 Brides! to start the hair care sessions at least six months prior to the wedding date, in order to guarantee continuous follow up with the hair expert and prepare for the most perfect and suitable hairstyle to be applied on the wedding day.

After deciding on the wedding dress, the bride should complete it with the appropriate veil and accessories to be selected with care, in order to enhance the dress’s beauty and splendor.

Charbel calls on the bride to select simple and distinguished accessories away from any exaggeration. He adds: “Check the different hairstyles in fashion magazines and select the styles you find attractive, and discuss them with your hairdresser. He would add to them his special touches to make them more compatible with your look, dress and accessories”.

As for the best way to shower the hair, Charbel says that using shampoo and conditioner alone are not enough, thus the need to have a hair mask that would keep the hair moisture. He adds: “According to the type of your hair, the hair expert can advise on whether you should have Botox sessions to strengthen your hair and make it more vivid”.

In addition, Charbel focuses on the importance of nutrition, and the consummation of sufficient liquids such as green tea and reducing the intake of drinks that contain caffeine as they increase the dryness of the hair. Charbel also calls on the ladies to drink a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables juices that raise the levels of fibers and minerals in their body and enhance the beauty and vivacity of their hair.

During the hairstyles trial sessions, Charbel encourages the bride to take pictures for the different hairstyles applied. The pictures would help the hairdresser discover the styles that reveal the bride’s beauty and stay away from the styles that could show her imperfections.

Finally, Charbel points out that continuously drying the hair with the hairdryer might damage it, and negatively affect its beauty. In this case, Botox sessions can help treat the hair and revive it to make it healthier, prettier and shinier, not only during the wedding and honey moon, but for months and months ahead.

From his achievements in the world of beauty and Hairstyle his participations in many shows and world forums and festivals, where he presented the newest and most modern innovations through creative hairstyles and designs. Based on his reputation in hair care on a global aspect, L’Oreal Professional has expressed many initiatives and partnership opportunities to be declared in the future, Charbel was also invited to participate in bride 2014 for the international L’officiel Magazine that is already distributed in all Saloons in GCC and Middle East Countries.

Hairwaves By Charbel patronage indulge themselves with the special welcome and treatment they receive, with a team that gathers experts in hair designs and experts in the field of hair styling and care to keep in pace with the latest techniques, and practices of fashion, haircuts and care techniques and organic healthy skin and hair techniques, as they always work to present to their clients the most beautiful hairdos and integrated solutions for hair and beauty.

Charbel has dedicated a floor of Hairwaves by Charbel beauty center to ladies wearing hijab, managed by the beauty specialist Rita Haddad.



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