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Orchidée Impériale White

April 2014

In 2006, Guerlain presented Orchidée Impériale Cream, its first exceptional complete skincare. Ever since, Guerlain Research has been ceaselessly exploring the infinite scientific possibilities offered by this astounding flower that defies the laws of Nature and Time, and created the new generation of Orchidée Impériale Cream in early 2013.

1 international Research Centre, unique in the world, the Guerlain Orchidarium, dedicated to the most evolved flower of the plant kingdom: the Orchid.

The Orchidarium is made up of 3 orchid Research, conservation and protection centres in France, Switzerland and China.

12 years of Research

8 patents pending

4 orchids selected from among 30,000

In 2009, the first ORCHIDÉE IMPÉRIALE WHITE skincare was born: Age-Defying and Brightening Serum, the heir to the exceptional Orchidée Impériale age-defying line and pioneer of a new pigmentation-controlling science. By combining the Orchidée Impériale age-defying technology and the White Orchid Extract for the first time, Guerlain inaugurated a new complete approach to the skin’s youthfulness and luminosity. This expertise gave birth to the first Orchidée Impériale Cream Foundation for an exceptional age-defying, radiance and skin-perfecting action.


The new exceptional age-defying and radiance ritual


Today, Guerlain invites you to re-discover this ultimate Orchidée Impériale White duo:

–          The Age-Defying and Brightening Serum, truly the best-selling Orchidée Impériale White skincare treatment since its launch

–          The Cream Foundation, available this season in three new shades (00, 04, 12) to extend the range and satisfy all skin tones

These two complete exceptional skincare treatments join perfectly on the skin for a visible youthful and brightening result.


Orchidée Impériale White

Age-Defying and Brightening Serum


Starting in 2012, Guerlain took one step further in age-defying and brightening cosmetics by demonstrating the relationship between skin sensitivity and the presence of pigmentation flaws*. The specific formula of Orchidée Impériale White Serum acts on the natural skin inflammation phenomena** that accentuate pigmentation disorders. It unites the brightening action of the highly concentrated White Orchid Extract, capable of soothing the skin’s natural sensitivity**, and the complete age-defying power of the New-Generation Orchidée Impériale, to offer unique longevity, luminosity and soothing performances.

Complete age-defying performance

Orchidée Impériale White Serum integrates an ultimate combination of three amazing orchid species (including Vanda coerulea and Vanda teres) that targets the fundamental mechanisms of the skin’s longevity, improving cellular longevity and impeding the key processes responsible for skin ageing**. Skin is revitalised, appears younger – and remains younger-looking for longer.

Complete brightening performance

The molecules of an exceptional orchid, the Brassocattleya, active on the primary genes involved in each stage of the skin’s pigmentation and luminosity, have been united in an exclusive, patented extract: White Orchid Extract, for a complete melanogenesis approach. This extract controls the skin’s pigmentation in advance by acting on the key genes specifically involved in the production, maturation, transport and transfer of melanin from the melanocyte to the keratinocyte**. It also improves the translucency and luminosity at the surface of the skin by acting on the key encoding genes responsible for hydration, intercellular cohesion and cellular renewal**.

* Study conducted by Guerlain Research on a sample of 200 women in Asia (China, Korea, Japan), carried out in collaboration with local dermatologists

** In vitro tests on ingredients

Complete soothing performance

The Brassocattleya orchid, the star of the White Orchid Extract, also acts on mediators that trigger skin inflammation, particularly PGE-2* which contribute to vasodilatation, adhesion and cellular migration. As for Vanda coerulea, it has a particularly high concentration of phytoalexins and acts ahead of time on the production of COX-2*, which is responsible for the formation of PGE-2. The combination of these two anti-inflammatory properties helps fight against two of the key inflammation factors* for complete soothing action on skin exposed to increased dark spots and ageing.



Orchidée Impériale

Cream Foundation

Revealed in 2013, the first Orchidée Impériale Cream Foundation concentrates the new Gold Orchid Technology and Guerlain’s unique makeup know-how: a synergy of age-defying, radiance and skin-perfecting actions. A new beauty skincare treatment that can be used along with White Serum for exceptional performance.


All of Orchidée Impériale’s technology

This cream foundation benefits from Orchidée Impériale’s radiance and age-defying performance:

1/ Gold Orchid Technology acts on a new longevity target – cell fertility, governed by mother cells* – which plays a key role in skin construction and regeneration. The skin’s regenerative dynamic is reactivated* thanks to a new action pathway: cellular bioenergetics.

2/ A concentrate of light, White Orchid Extract fosters even skin and a pure and glowing complexion with every passing day. It soothes skin’s sensitivity*, slows the dynamics of pigmentation processes* to help improve translucency and surface luminosity.

3/ A unique shield for perfectly protected skin. Orchidée Impériale Cream Foundation is the first skincare foundation from Guerlain to offer broad spectrum protection capable of neutralising even the longest UVA rays. The formula also comprises the perfect combination of UV filters to counter the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays and a derivative of vitamin E that combats free radicals.

* In vitro tests on ingredients


All Guerlain’s complexion know-how

Benefiting from Guerlain’s unique expertise in facial makeup, Orchidée Impériale Cream Foundation beautifully enhances the complexion, leaving it perfectly even for a flawless makeup result.

–          Light pigments subtly illuminate the complexion to erase signs of fatigue.

–          Coloured pigments are coated with amino acids in perfect harmony with the skin to provide optimal long-lasting colour and seamless blending with the skin.

–          Orchid oil is combined with hydrating glycols and an absorbent powder to maintain the skin’s ideal hydrolipidic balance: the result is a velvety matt finish for lasting comfort.

–          An ultra-smoothing polymer helps to fill in wrinkles and fine lines and evens out skin tone: the skin feels incredibly soft.


Total beauty

Signs of fatigue, wrinkles and fine lines fade away. The complexion is smooth, even and free of the slightest imperfection. It is revived and has a flawless, subtle and translucent glow. Perfectly protected, the skin is soft, supple and velvety. Day after day, the skin seems to brighten from within. Renewed youthful radiance is restored.

Orchidée Impériale Cream Foundation is available in three new shades this season:

00 – Beige Ivoire, 04 – Beige Moyen and 12 – Rose Clair

These new shades are being added to the four currently existing shades:

01 – Beige Pâle, 02- Beige Clair, 03 – Beige Naturel and 11 – Rose Pâle


In perfect synergy, the Age-defying and Brightening Serum and the Cream Foundation provide an incredible youthful and brightening action to reveal an exceptional Orchidée Impériale White ritual.




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