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Global Hub for Arts and Culture

UAE Regarded as Global Hub for Arts and Culture

International artists choose to set up base in Dubai

Soon to be the home to branches of well known museums including the Louvre Museum and Guggenheim Museum, there is no doubt that the UAE has made a place for itself on the cultural map.

Aside from being a cultural centre, the UAE is home to many international artists. Artists including French born Savannah have been heavily influenced by the UAE’s rich culture. Based in the Emirates since July 2013, she is the world’s youngest non-Muslim artist to have launched an Islamic art collection in collaboration with Veronika Gess. Savannah has created her own unique blend of paintings, through a combination of modern art and calligraphy, based on the Islam’s holiest scripture, the Qu’ran. This initiative was taken by Savannah to send a message to the world of understanding, tolerance and peace. The preview of “ISLAM” The Ultimate Collection, was warmly received by art curators and the public in the region.

The cosmopolitan city of Dubai is a popular choice for artists worldwide because it is becoming the craddle to the largest art fairs as well as international auctions. One can expect to see older forms of art and culture at the Bastikiya area, and colourful displays of modern art at the galleries in the DIFC. The city’s oldest art centre, Dubai International Art Centre, was founded in 1976 and has 1200 members from 67 different countries.

Dubai is not the only Emirate in the UAE that places a strong emphasis on culture. Capital city, Abu Dhabi, is known for film festivals and heritage sites. The Emirate will also soon be home to Zayed National Museum, a performing arts centre and a maritime museum. The lesser-known Emirate of Sharjah has taken the UAE’s cultural scene by storm with the Sharjah Biennale. The event, funded by the government, displays art which focuses on culture.

Other GCC nations are also making huge strides. Aside from the UAE’s efforts, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait can be seen rapidly progressing in this field. Qatar capital, Doha, is home to the Museum of Islamic Art. Set on its very own island, the museum prides itself on being among Doha’s top tourist attractions. With collections that showcase artefacts from over 14 centuries, visitors to the museum can expect to be enchanted by the vast display of ceramics, carpets and coins.


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