Frederique Constant pays tribute

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Frederique Constant pays tribute

Frederique Constant pays tribute to the Middle Eastern market by launching its first book in Dubai 

Live your passion – Building a watch manufacture” documents the principles of success for Frederique Constant

Dubai, UAE: Frederique Constant has emerged as a leading retailer of Swiss timepieces that encourages one to “live your passion” and also share that passion with others. In line with this motto, Drs Peter C. Stas, CEO of Frederic Constant was in Dubai to unveil the first book that documents the journey and legacy that has enabled Frederique Constant to become a successful and internationally-recognized name in affordable luxury timepieces.

Entitled “Live your passion – Building a watch manufacture”, the book is a mix between a coffee table and business book that tells the story of how Frederique Constant came to be and the people who were instrumental in its success, juxtaposed with never before seen photos and images. “Accessible luxury” is a concept that has been the basis of the creation of Frederique Constant over twenty years ago, and the book is a testament to the value proposition of the company and an answer for all those who ask, “Tell me, what is the single most important success factor?”

With the emerging importance of the United Arab Emirates as a hub for tourists, retail and luxury in the Middle East, the book was launched in collaboration with Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, who are the sole retailer for Frederique Constant in the Middle East.



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