FOREO helps protect oceans


FOREO helps protect oceans with ‘Save the Sea’ campaign

FOREO introduces special edition facial-cleansing brush to address environmental issues 

Dubai, UAE: Swedish beauty brand FOREO, believes that beauty can be consumed while being conscious of the environmental impacts the industry has on the ocean and planet.

FOREO has launched two special addition devices, the LUNA Mini 2 and LUNA Play Save the Sea range where 100% of profits go to organisations that are proactively trying to combat issues the oceans face.

These issues include, overfishing, plastic litter pollution and increasing marina protection areas. As well as the profits supporting these organisations, FOREO is working on sustainability as a company by using 100% recyclable materials for all packaging. The devices themselves are designed to last over 10 years, with the smaller, non-rechargeable LUNA play useable for up to 100 uses. While the brush heads on the LUNA range never need replacing, using body-safe silicone – therefore reducing landfill. Combining T-Sonic™ pulsations with a nonabrasive silicone brush, this eco-friendly compact yet powerful device gently removes dead skin cells, and lifts away 99.5% of dirt, oil, and makeup residue

The Save the Sea campaign is going into its second year of success and supports ocean conservation and marine rehabilitation, sponsoring endangered sea turtle rehabilitation and research through the Sea Life Trust and Green Wave Organisation.

This September FOREO has gathered 40 influential beauty influencers from around the world, including a selection from the UAE to join them on a sailing expedition of a lifetime through the breath taking coasts of Croatia. During the trip the beauty bloggers secret beauty routine’s will be revealed while the innovation behind FOREO’s green design and Save the Sea campaign will be explored.

The Save the Sea Luna Play is now available at Dubai Duty Free (UAE) and in Whites Pharmacy (KSA). Priced at 180 AED, 100% of net proceeds go towards the restoration of marine ecosystems.



Founded in 2013, FOREO is a Swedish beauty brand at heart with global presence. Specializing in well-being solutions, FOREO has grounded success with its award-winning LUNA™ skincare and ISSA™ oral care, unique and innovative devices. Although the brand has already redefined the beauty industry by smashing the conventions and challenging well-being industries’ status-quo, this is just the beginning.

About Luna Play

The LUNA play’s 2-zone brush is suitable for all skin types. The thicker touch-points deeply and precisely cleanse oilier skin, particularly on the T-zone, and the thinner touch-points gently channel pulsations, suitable for sensitive or dry skin. Combining T-Sonic™ pulsations with a nonabrasive silicone brush, this compact yet powerful device gently removes dead skin cells, and lifts away 99.5% of dirt, oil, and makeup residue. The LUNA play enhances the absorption of skin care products to refines, brightens, and evens out the complexion. For 100 uses, this non-rechargeable LUNA play will allow you to experience a gentle yet effective skin care, serving as the perfect introduction to FOREO’s range of LUNA facial cleansing brushes.

About Green Wave

Greenwave creates sustainable and restorative ocean farming solutions, called 3D ocean farms. Imagine a vertical underwater garden: seaweed and mussels grow on floating ropes, stacked above oyster and clam cages below. 3D farms restore rather than deplete our oceans. In 2015, FOREO established five 3D farms in coastal communities.

About Sea Life Trust

The SEA Life Trust is a registered charity dedicated to the conservation of ocean animals and the environment. The SEA LIFE Trust works globally on a number of issues to protect the world’s oceans. In 2015, FOREO sponsored the rehabilitation and GPS tagging of an endangered sea turtle with the SEA LIFE Trust, who continues to monitor and research our sponsored sea turtle.

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