EVAGARDEN brings new collection

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EVAGARDEN brings new collection

EVAGARDEN brings new collection


The new collection of products range focusing eyes as well as full makeup with different options from base to exotic makeup.

The new products including eyeliner, mascara and BB Primer with the details offered by the industry experts.


Long Lasting Eyeliner – black The fluid long lasting Eyeliner is in basic black shade with innovative soft and subtle applicator. It is for all those who are always on the go or need always seen unique. It is for a quick and precise application allowing easily to draw an ultra fine and intense line. The fluid formula allows a decisive line, extremely light and with a super long lasting hold.

The colour is intense, fast drying and super lasting. Even if the bottle is reversed, it doesn’t lose its contents.

The product is Formulated Paraben Free as well as Ophthalmologically tested.

Price: 68 AED


Extreme Volume Mascara The Extreme Volume Mascara coats the lashes for maximum volume, enveloping and transforming them into a weapon of seduction with a spectacular effect. The lashes in fact take on a new dimension, resulting sculpted, lengthened, defined, with panoramic effect for a sophisticated look and extraordinary rich. Thanks to a lifting agent, Extreme Volume Mascara gives the lashes volume and length all day, while providing protection against daily aggressions. Its six active ingredients of natural derivation, making the product the secret beauty weapon of the look of every woman.

First class treatment for the eyes: The six active ingredients of natural derivation (Laminaria Digitata, Pelvetia Canaliculata, Gossypium Herbaceum Extract, Thymus Vulgaris Extract, Agropyron Repens Root Extract, Vitis Vinifera) improve the growth of eyelashes, protected against cell damage, pollution and free radicals, provides deep moisture and lash strengthening minerals combined with antioxidant protection for amazing lashes, curved, multiplied, magnified and longer than ever. The product is Formulated Paraben Free, Fragrance Free and also Ophthalmologically tested.

Price: 105 AED


BB Primer A BB Cream and a PRIMER in just one product. The EVAGARDEN BB PRIMER is a true skin specialist: a super natural looking with highly effective skincare ingredients and with SPF-15. In one gesture it instantly gives a smooth and bright colour to your complexion. The EVAGARDEN BB PRIMER is a real beauty treatment for all skin types that gives the skin a smooth and uniform look with an extraordinary nutritious perception. The lightness, brightness and purity of the finish will redefine the complexion perfection. The product is a revolutionary formula for 6 in 1 actions Evens, Illuminates, Moisturizes, Smoothes, Protects the skin from urban pollution and Anti-Aging.

Don’t forget that the EVAGARDEN BB PRIMER is the most multifunctional BB. It’s Formulated Paraben Free, Dermatologically tested, Fragrance Free, D5 Free and SPF-15.

Price: 175 AED



About Evagarden Brand::

The EVAGARDEN products were born for make-up artists while respecting the original philosophy of the Company and now are the perfect balance between the needs of the professionals and the desires of all women:  high quality, effectiveness, extreme lasting wear and easy application. EVAGARDEN make-up combines the beauty trends and the latest generation ingredients, resulting in a variety of colors and textures that inspire every make-up artist to achieve the perfect look. Sophisticated and modern, colorful and subtle…. is today’s cosmopolitan woman and the EVAGARDEN muse.


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