Enthusiasts to Explore Festival of Lights and Colours

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Enthusiasts to Explore Festival of Lights and Colours

SLF Instagram Contest to Encourage Photography

Enthusiasts to Explore Festival of Lights and Colours



As part of its efforts to celebrate the Sharjah Light Festival 2014 and encourage people’s participation, the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA) has invited spectators and visitors to the Emirate to participate in the Instagram Photography Contest. People can share their best memories of the spectacular festival of lights and colours being hosted at 12 locations across the Emirate. Both video and still image entries are welcome on Instagram.

Launched in collaboration with the Emirates Photography Society, the SLF competition started on February 6 at 7.30pm and will continue until 3.00pm on 13 February. The winning entries of three photographs and one video will be selected by an expert panel of judges. The winners will receive cash prizes of up to AED 5,000 and their contributions will be showcased on SCTDA’s official social media channels.

The Sharjah Light Festival has established itself as a prominent international festival in the region and attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year. The festival turns the spotlight on Sharjah’s celebrated Islamic architectural legacy and heritage and tells the Emirate’s story using art and cutting edge lighting technology.

The SCTDA Instagram Contest is aimed at encouraging photography enthusiasts and local artists to explore the Sharjah Light Festival, being hosted by the Authority for the fourth year, and the 12 iconic buildings and landmarks that the event showcases.

The Sharjah Light Festival this year celebrates the theme of the Capital of Islamic Culture 2014 with the help of internationally acclaimed artists who use a fusion of art and technology to highlight the brilliance of the Emirate’s Islamic architecture and cultural identity.

To participate, people are invited to follow the official SCTDA Instagram account (@shjtourism). All entries must mention @shjtourism and use the festival’s hashtag #SLF.

Details about the Sharjah Light Festival sites and shows are available at www.slf.ae and via social media accounts of the Authority @sharjahtourism and @shjtourism

The Sharjah Light Festival is free to attend and runs daily from 7.30pm onwards.  A full programme of activities and further details are available at the official website www.slf.ae.

  • Sharjah Light Festival is on social media:

Instagram: @shjtourism #SLF

Twitter: @Sharjahtourism #SLF


About Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA):

Established in 1996 by the Government of Sharjah, the SCTDA has been in the forefront of promoting and taking Sharjah to the world with its relentless efforts and unmatched enthusiasm. The Authority constantly explores possibilities and avenues of promoting and developing tourism and commercial sectors in the emirate through special events, activities and festivals at home and around the world. It pursues its goals by planning and drawing up strategic plans to promote and develop tourism sector in all its forms.  It conducts social and economic research and studies as well to evolve its strategies and pursue its goals.  And as part of its strategy to promote Sharjah, SCTDA participates in local, regional and international exhibitions, focusing on the factors of distinction and exclusivity.

The SCTDA works to raise public awareness locally, regionally and internationally about the unique features and strengths of Sharjah’s tourism product and leisure and investment destination. As a result, Sharjah has emerged as a favourite holiday destination for visitors from around the world, especially those from Europe and neighbouring Gulf countries

Sharjah has come to be recognised as the home of Arab and Islamic culture and civilisation, it was declared the Cultural Capital of the Arab world in 1998 by Unesco. Recently, the Arab tourism ministers’ summit in Cairo selected Sharjah as the Capital of Arab Tourism for Year 2015.


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