Enjoy guilt-free indulgence

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Enjoy guilt-free indulgence

Enjoy guilt-free indulgence with Nathalie’s low-fat desserts


  • Rocky Road, Apple Strudel and Chocolate Pecan Fudge Brownies are Nathalie’s top three all-time best-sellers


Dubai, United Arab Emirates: There’s nothing like catching up with friends over coffee or tea, and for the best cup, there should be decadent desserts to make it all the more special.  Finally, there’s no need to hold back when your cravings for sweets kick in.  Get your coffee and chocolate fix in one hit without the guilt at Nathalie’s Café!


Nathalie’s Café offers a delicious way to indulge a love for sweets.  Specialising on low-fat desserts, Nathalie’s offers a menu of decadent treats that are too good to be healthy yet rich in flavour.


Nathalie Haddad, Founder and Managing Director, Nathalie’s Café said: “Most people who are watching their weight often find themselves disappointed by low-fat desserts simply because most of them are also low in flavor.  Not at Nathalie’s Café.  We make our desserts healthy but we don’t skimp on flavour.  All our sweet treats are made with low-fat ingredients and free of artificial sweeteners and preservatives. We also use whole wheat flour in all our dessert items, and you can be sure that everything is prepared fresh daily.  They are the same mouth-watering desserts you’ve always known – both in taste and appearance – yet with a healthy appeal.  So it’s indulgence without the guilt with our desserts!”


Rocky Road, Apple Strudel and Chocolate Pecan Fudge Brownies are the top three all-time favorites from the café’s desserts range.  Nathalie’s Rocky Road bars, for only 150 calories per piece, are scrumptious treats made with dark chocolate of the highest quality, combined with premium nuts and marshmallows bits for a wonderful crunchy-chewy texture.  Worth-trying if you are looking for something fruity and crisp is a serving of mouth-watering Apple Strudel, for only 100 calories a piece.  Sliced newly-picked apples, combined with spices, and sweetened by honey are enveloped by a freshly-made whole-wheat dough then baked to perfection, a genuinely comforting treat. For those who can’t get enough of chocolates, you can’t go wrong with the gooey Chocolate Pecan Fudge Brownies.  With star ingredients – premium dark chocolate and wonderfully-toasted pecans – combining for a moist and chewy inside and delightfully crispy outside, Nathalie’s best-selling brownies, for 150 calories per piece, are the perfect dessert treat.


In addition to low-fat desserts, Nathalie’s Café boasts a variety of international and Middle Eastern favourites.   The café offers a healthy alternative to fast casual dining, focused on a menu of gourmet meals carefully prepared by chefs and dietitians working closely together to satisfy customers’ palate and keep them healthy.  Consists of a team of highly-qualified nutrition and culinary experts with nearly 10 years’ experience in the industry, Nathalie’s
foods are prepared fresh daily using only natural, wholesome ingredients, without additives, artificial sweeteners or flavor enhancers.


Nathalie’s Café is located at Twofour 54 Tower, Khalifa Park, Next to Park Rotana, Abu Dhabi.  The café also offers delivery service throughout Abu Dhabi.  Orders can be placed through telephone at +9712 4411330.


To learn more about Nathalie’s Cafe, visit www.nathalies.ae, and follow us on www.facebook.com/NathaliesCafe.



About Nathalie’s Cafe


Nathalie’s Café offers a refined and healthy taste of international and Middle Eastern cuisine in a prestigious area of Abu Dhabi, and soon in Dubai.  Created by a foodie nutritionist that is not only passionate about food, but is also meticulous about all the ingredients that go into each and every meal, Nathalie’s offers a fresh take on casual dining with a menu boasting gourmet dishes that are healthy yet rich in taste and flavour.  Foods are prepared fresh daily using only natural, wholesome ingredients, without additives, artificial sweeteners or flavor enhancers, under strict hygiene and quality control standards.  Nathalie’s is also committed to transparency in nutritional labelling, providing the ingredients and nutritional breakdown for all its products.




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