Dubai: ISSEY MIYAKE PERFUMES – Water, Desert, Oasis

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Each year since 1995, Eau d’Issey and Eau d’Issey pour Homme have been reinventing summertime, abandoning their sleek codes to depict a new water-based emotion in a show of colours and sensations.

An oasis in the desert

Is it a mirage? A moment that poetry has frozen in time? Just like those magical times when you dream of closing your eyes and then opening them to discover yourself in another universe, Issey Miyake perfumes transport us a million miles away…

All is calm and silent. The sun’s almost white rays are reflected off the sand; a dense burning breeze caresses the tops of the dunes. And behind one of them in the middle of the desert, an oasis appears, like a cool blast. The murmur of the water mingles with the rustling of the palm fronds fluttering in the breeze that wafts gently back and forth.  Deep in this wilderness, contrasts abound: the soft oasis shade with the glare of the sun, the intense green of the leaves with the beige of the hot sand…

The inspiration for Eau d’Issey and Eau d’Issey pour Homme stems from that magical coolness that can be felt, seen and heard when the desert seems to be sleeping silently.

Stylised and colourful, one of the palm leaves seems to have detached itself to sheathe the bottles. Delicately, as a reminder that water is as precious in the middle of the burning desert as when Issey Miyake chose to sublimate it. But also to enhance that alchemy of opposites where the blue of the sky is mirrored on the water, playing off transparency against the bright green opacityof the leaves adorning the glass.

The fragrance of Eau d’Issey Eau de Toilette Summer

A duet of petals and fruit imbues the eau de toilette with a tender juicy freshness: the blend of rose water and pear lifts the composition.Utterly smooth and delicate to caress the skin and leave a film of scent as subtle as a mist. The peony and carnation of the original fragrance are still there, underlying the floral brilliance that lingers in the sparkling silage of precious woods and acanthus.

The fragrance of Eau d’Issey pour Homme Eau de Toilette Summer

Vibrant and responsive, with a surprising equilibrium between citrus fruits, spices and wood, the intense freshness of the mandarin and you zests of the original composition espouses a novel accord of cardamom and sage. Then, slowly, this tempers its vivacity with a duet of amber and votive.





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