Dubai: How to Apply Individual Eyelashes

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As we all know eyes are described as the window to the sole.  Beauty is generally seen within the eyes and especially with eye makeup in this part of the world.  The most dramatic and precise eye-shadow application can look 100 times better with some false lashes in place.

Strip lashes verses individual lashes?

Strip lashes are great for a more dramatic effect but they can look a bit too much for everyday glamour and are sometimes best left for the catwalks and fashion shows.  I much prefer to use individual lashes for evening and wedding make up.

I am frequently asked “How do I apply them?”

I buy my false lashes from the local pharmacies and there are usually 50 in a pack with 3 individual lashes together in each section.

Make sure that the eyes are clean, dry and make up free.  Lashes can either be applied before eye-shadow or after. I prefer to apply after I have applied the eyeshadow but for first time application, I recommend that you apply the lashes before the eye-shadow and mascara as this will allow you to see more clearly.  The idea of the lash is that it sits neatly between your own lashes and does not touch the eyelid itself.

Squeeze a small dot of the eyelash glue onto a small plastic lid or piece of paper, bend the lash card and remove approximately 6 lashes and place onto the back of your hand.

With a pair of tweezers pick up one of the lashes and dip the base tip of the lash into the glue.

Hold for a second before applying so that the glue becomes slightly tacky then, starting at the centre of the eyelid, place the lash neatly between your own lashes, near to the base of the natural eyelash.  Follow this procedure from centre to outer eye, using the remaining 5 lashes.

If you need extra lashes to the inner corner of the eye, just repeat the above steps a work towards the inner eye.

The easiest way to check if you need more or to see if they are evenly placed is to look upwards into a mirror and check from underneath.  The lashes can also be pressed gently with the fingertip, to fix them closer to your own lashes.

For the final lash placed at the inner corner, I always trim to a diagonal slant as this will make it look more natural.

Once the lash glue has dried, mascara can be gently applied to thicken the lashes and to also bond your natural lash to the false lash.

If looked after properly and make up is removed gently, the lashes will stay in place for up to 5 days.


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