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The temperature has been going up, up, up, and that can only mean one thing—summer is here! We know you’ve already chosen your holiday destination, booked the tickets, and scouted the hotels. What is the only downside of staying in an all-glam, all-frills, “your-bed-gets-made-for-you” room where the bathroom is bigger than your room at home? Your skin care regime gets left behind because you filled that extra space in the suitcase with those extra party shoes.

Now you don’t have to choose between a night out and beautiful skin—Bioderma has the perfect solution for all your travel needs. As the first independent dermatological laboratory whose dermo-cosmetic products are among the most frequently prescribed by dermatologists, Bioderma knows all about skin concerns. Cleanse, protect, hydrate, and moisturize all vacation long with the most essential, most compact travel kit ever. Bring on the beach!

Bioderma Travel Kit contains:

Sensibio H2O 100ml


The benchmark micelle solution that daily cleanses and removes make-up from sensitive skin

 Perfectly cleanses and removes make-up from the face and eyes.
 Guarantees excellent tolerance.
 Soothes irritated skin and minimises redness.
 Provides an immediate feeling of freshness.
 Alcohol-free. No listed preservatives.


Atoderm Pain 150g

Purifying, ultra-rich soap for daily use that restores natural lipids, for severe and recurrent cutaneous dryness and reactive and irritated zones

 Respects the integrity of the cutaneous barrier.
 Face and body.
 Adults, children, babies.


Atoderm Cream 50ml

Ultra-rich moisturizing and restructuring daily barrier cream

 Curbs the penetration of irritant elements which can occur when the skin is chronically dry.
 Face and body.
 Adults, children, babies.


Photoderm MAX Cream 40ml

SPF100/UVA 29

MAXimum photoprotection for skin intolerant to all types of sunshine, very fair skin with freckles, and skin mostly exposed to sunshine (tropics, high mountains …)

 Guarantees optimum skin protection and prevents sun intolerance reactions.
 Directly protects the skin cells against the sun’s dangers: patented Cellular BIOprotection® complex.
 Melting texture, colourless when applied, leaves no oily film or white marks.

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