Discover the Natural Secret to Eternal Youth

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Discover the Natural Secret to Eternal Youth 2

Discover the Natural Secret to Eternal Youth with New Endermolift from LPG®

Dubai, UAE: Following in depth clinical research*, LPG®, the world leader in natural cellular stimulation, introduces the next generation in non-invasive anti-ageing skin care: New Endermolift™ in the Middle East region.

Using patented technology, New Endermolift™ rejuvenates skin from within, re-awakening cells to produce an enhanced natural supply of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to firm, tighten, and re-sculpt the face, neck and décolleté. With its ability to target and stimulate fibroblasts, New Endermolift™ treatments leave a glowing purified complexion, with fine lines smoothed and plumped, and puffiness and dark circles eliminated.

Wellness and anti-ageing are a $1 trillion business globally as the desire to look younger, firmer and tighter reigns supreme.

In the Middle East, people, mainly women, are keen to look after their skin because living in conditions of extreme sun exposure and all-day air-conditioning ages the skin. New Endermolift is the perfect skin care treatment to revive skin’s youthful glow. With Dubai’s young and cosmopolitan population, looking good is a must.

From the age of 25, collagen producing cells in the body become lazy and inactive, leaving skin looking dull and wrinkled. LPG’s team of renowned experts have drawn on in-depth research to develop a new technology that is proven to  re-awaken these cells to reverse your skin’s natural ageing process. New Endermolift™ naturally triggers the synthesis of substances that keep your skin looking young and healthy from the inside out.

Professor Humbert, Head of the Dermatology Department at the University Hospital of Besançon [France] and Director of the European Skin Study and Research Centre, recently led a one-of-a-kind study to prove the effectiveness of New Endermolift™. Based on an analysis of biopsies from 20 individuals who were treated on half of their face with New Endermolift™, the results found that it is the only technology in the world to increase the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid by 80%, which is acclaimed for its moisturising and volumising effects. Additionally, the study found that collagen production was improved, and the natural synthesis of elastic fibres increased by 46% to improve the skin’s suppleness.

Discover the Natural Secret to Eternal Youth

The New Endermolift™ treatment offers more than 40 fast and effective treatments (10 to 30 minutes) for men and women, aged 25 and above.

To find out more about LPG please contact Ludovic Loffreda LPG-Bella Concept LLC

on 04 380 4123 at Al Quoz Industrial 3 Street 4 Warehouse 37 P.O. Box53807


LPG is the world leader in cellular stimulation and inventors of the Endermologie® technique, specialising in non-aggressive treatments for fat reduction, skin tightening, lymphatic drainage, wrinkles and cellulite. Endermologie® treatments, which include Lipomassage™ for the body and Endermolift™ for the face, are offered in over 110 countries with over 200,000 women treated each day. Its effectiveness is validated by more than 110 scientific studies, and responds to the growing demand for more responsible and efficient ways to preserve natural beauty.

LPG a La Carte – New Endermolift™ Treatments

The new Endermolift™ presents a bespoke and targeted solution for your facial needs, with a choice of over 40 fast and effective treatments:

Anti-Aging Replumping Endermolift (30 mins)

Restores skin density for a natural volumizing effect to smooth wrinkles and fine lines. This treatment doubles the skin ‘self-hydration’ capacity.

For faces prone to hollowed cheeks or sunken features

Anti-Aging Firming Endermolift (30 mins)

Firms skin for a natural lifting effect, softens skin for better protection and stems natural collagen destruction.

For faces prone to sagging

Anti-Aging Resculpting Endermolift (30 mins)

Activates the natural lipolysis process to refine skin, eliminates toxins to reactivate your face’s radiance and smoothes skin texture

For faces prone to clogged or enlarged pores

Detox Endermolift (20 mins)

This is the ideal treatment for recovery after a flight, party season or simply before a big event. Erase the signs of fatigue, whilst eliminating toxins and draining to clarify skin.

Glow Endermolift (15 mins)

Used by makeup artists to the stars, this treatment is a ‘flash’ solution to obtain glowing radiant skin in no time. Gently exfoliating, the treatment doubles the reflection of light on the skin and smoothes, leaving you red carpet ready.

‘Targeted’ Treatments (10 mins)

Target specific areas for fast and effective treatments:

Upper facial zone / eye puffiness & dark circles / Eye wrinkles / Mouth area / Face oval / Double chin / Neck / Décolleté / Hands


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