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Cupid launches ‘M’ perfumes, a collection of sensual blends, exclusively at Paris Gallery

CUPID, creator of luxury perfumes that are inspired by the Roman symbol of love, announced the launch of the ‘M’ collection, a set of six sensual and sumptuous fragrances. ‘M’ perfumes are concocted using rare essential oils to evoke the magic of love and beauty that dominated ancient Roman fables in a shocking but genial way.

The ‘M’ collection embodies the many fascinating accounts of Roman myths — narratives where love and sensuality is epitomized and heroism is an important theme. Every CUPID perfume is a unique blend of natural elements that stimulates the senses and arouses deep emotions. The ‘M’ collection is exclusively available at Paris Gallery, the leading luxury retailer in the region.

Cupid MI

A chypre woody fragrance that merges patchouli and papyrus so the whole composition has a smoky character. Tobacco leaf and moss contribute to the depth and complexity of oud, while rosewood and incense cause the elegant silage on skin.

  • Cardamom, Fruity Nagar Motta, Olibanum
  • Cedar wood, Leather, Patchouli
  • Woody Amber, Musk


Price – 100Ml – AED 1195


Cupid MII

An intensive, intoxicating, and passionate wild Ottoman Rose. The composition includes aldehydes and rose on the pad of sharp-sweet notes (‘honey chypre’). The beauty of rose is accentuated by spicy grass notes and it is an endless sea of roses with heavy velvety petals

  • Rose, Ylang-Ylang
  • Rose, Red Berries
  • Patchouli, Honey, Vanilla, Musk


Price – 100Ml – AED 1195


Cupid MIII

The mysterious, smoky character of this revered wood, central to Middle Eastern fragrance traditions, radiates with the clarity of crisp bergamot and an orange granite accord. Hypnotic. Alluring

  • Bergamot
  • Patchouli
  • Amber, Woody Musk


Price – 100Ml – AED 1195


Cupid MIV

The new, refined, bold and sophisticated scent brings a passionate and sensual fragrant arrangement. The tale of a Rose seduced by carnal Amber, which together unveil an unexpected profound, intense and elusive scent.

  • Pink Pepper, Bergamot
  • Spices, Turkish Rose
  • Amber, Balsamy Notes, Cedar, Patchouli, Gaiac Wood


Price – 100Ml – AED 1195


Cupid MV

The classic symbol of love and devotion is updated. A traditional olfactory rose, the Damascene, is made potent and contemporary once again by darkening its character. It comes with a decadent, dirty rose with intense and animalic quality.

  • Bergamot,  Lemon, Grapefruit,  Rose
  • Rose Oil Turkish, Citrus, Labdanum, Freesia
  • Patchouli, Gurjun Balsam, Amber, Vanilla, Musk


Price – 100Ml – AED 1195


Cupid MVI

An intense woody leather scent created with oud wood, a rare and precious wood with powerful animal notes that add warmth to the fragrance when in contact with the skin.

  • Cardamom, Saffron, Fruity Nagar Motta, Bergamot
  • Cedar wood, Atlas Leather, Birch Tree,  Thyme, Patchouli
  • Costerium, Civet, Leather, Animalic, Woody, Ambery

Price – 100Ml – AED 1195


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