Clothing Hints For Taller Women

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There are many benefits and drawbacks to being a tall woman. A big drawback that causes lots of frustration for many tall ladies is the fact that buying clothing can be tough. You’ll find that petite women and average bodied women don’t have much trouble in finding a clothing store that suits them. An entire chain of stores has been created for big and tall women. However, tall and slim women can face a bit of a problem when trying to find clothing that fits properly.

I wrote this article to offer up some fashion advice for tall women looking to find clothes that look great on them. You’ll even learn where to go to find even more fashion tips as well.

First of all, you have to recognize that you can’t just expect to buy clothing that is tailored a little bit longer than average. Clothing for tall women needs to be well thought out. For example, many jean makers create jeans with really long legs for tall girls, but forget to make the rise longer. This means that women wearing these jeans have to be careful that they don’t get plumbers crack every time they bend over or sit down. Always be sure to purchase pants that have taller rises as well as taller legs.

Another issue many tall women have when wearing clothing is that the waist lines seem to sit awkwardly. One easy way to get around this is to stay away from clothing that has seems at the waist. When you wear dresses and skirts that go straight up, you won’t have to worry about your waist being portrayed in a peculiar manner. You can see examples of this at top fashion blog .

Sleeve lengths tend to be another problem with tall woman’s clothing. Make sure that the sleeves fall at the right level or it will drive you crazy. If you are dead set on buying a top with sleeves that are too long, just take it to a tailor and have it altered. A few dollars upfront and you’re top will fit right and feel right throughout the night.

While we’re on the subject of tailoring, make sure that you’re tops fit correctly. A thick top on an extremely tall woman can make an otherwise slim woman look very thick. This is a problem that tends to be enhanced further with white shirts. Black shirts should also be bought to fit properly, but can have a slimming effect regardless.

What particular pieces of clothing should women wear?

There are a few items that tall women really look great in. One of these items is the tunic type outfit. These outfits hug the legs and allow the woman to choose how far down their top will go. Typically women will wear tops that go a few inches below the hips. However, you can choose where to wear it based off what looks best on you.

When buying a tunic, you’ll want to make sure the neckline stops at the collar bone and that the arm holes extend down nice and long. Many times women will buy these tops with arm holes that extend to high and it give them an oddly shaped look.

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