Bring your makeup results to a whole new level

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Bring your makeup results to a whole new level


Bring your makeup results to a whole new level with MAKE UP FOR EVER’s

finest professional brushes

Celebrating its 30th year anniversary, MAKE UP FOR EVER unveils one of its main launches this year with the release of its finest professional brush collection. This range includes 76 new premium brushes to offer women and makeup artists the ideal tools to get the most perfect makeup results.

Every brush is handcrafted and custom-made with 100% cutting edge synthetic fibers to combine

top-level performance with premium signature design, bringing makeup results to a whole new level. Meeting the different needs and desires, this state of the art collection includes 30 brushes for complexion, 35 for the eyes, 3 for the lips and 8 for artistic makeup, all convenient for any kind of texture whether cream, liquid or powder and every makeup purpose.

Face Brushes: 30 brushes designed to achieve different desired results such as sculpted, natural, medium and high coverage complexion.

Eyes Brushes: 35 brushesdesigned to cover all eye areas by facilitating blending, shading, highlighting, lining, defining and correcting.

Lips Brushes: 3 brushes designed to perfect contouring and lipstick application.

Artistic Brushes: 8 brushes designed for body paint and artistic makeup.

Brushes are at the heart of MAKE UP FOR EVER’s history since its creation in 1984 as Dany Sanz, Creator & Artistic Director, who is also a painter and sculptor has always worked with brushes because these tools are a must for professionals and women to perfect their makeup results.  Her journey as well as her experience as a makeup artist throughout the years allowed her to analyze all the existing needs and introduce today state of the art brushes which are distinguished by their exceptional fibers, high quality, professional performance, ultra resistance and humidity proof, great longevity, and extreme sensorial experience.

To perfect your makeup, it is also important to take good care of your brushes and keep them clean.

MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Instant Brush Cleanser is an alcohol-free purifying cleanser which is ideal for keeping these premium brushes clean and in tip top shape.

With MAKE UP FOR EVER’s wide range of professional brushes, every woman will be able to achieve the best makeup result.



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