Botched Highlights? Here’s How To Fix Them!

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Botched Highlights? Here’s How To Fix Them!

Kelly Van Gogh Luxury Highlighting Kit: Brighten Up, Lighten Up and Get Glam!! With KELLY VAN GOGH® LUXURY Highlighting Kit, YOU are in control!

 Botched Highlights Here’s How To Fix Them

Dubai: We’ve all been there before: a bad hair salon or going the DIY route with highlights, only to be faced with a head of scary streaks and left with something resembling a zebra. But colourist Kelly Van Gogh, who has worked with A-listers like Cindy Crawford, says there’s a fairly easy fix.


“Get an all-over semi-permanent colour that’s two shades lighter than what you are naturally,” Van Gogh says. “Apply it over the botched highlights to tone.” If your highlights are too brassy, choose a semi-permanent tone with a violet or blue base (look for “cool” instead of “warm” on the box description). “


The Kelly Van Gogh Luxury Highlighting Kit has been specifically created to make highlighting our own hair fool proof! Now anyone can excite their colour by adding highlights in less than 10 minutes! With KELLY VAN GOGH® LUXURY Highlighting Kit, YOU are in control and can stop the highlighting action when you are happy with the colour just by spraying the patented wonder tonic over the highlights. It’s so easy and fun and the best part is you can do it yourself at home!


This kit works beautifully on Light Brown, Red or Blonde Hair! With such a gentle formula, we do not recommend for dark brown or black hair.

Patented Keratin Enriched Mica Shine Gel Lightening System™ allows you to see the results of your highlights as it is processing right before your eyes. Blue powder bleach found in many mass market kits and salons mask results, making it difficult to know when to remove the product!

Amino acids, mica shine minerals and keratin proteins strengthen and protect the integrity of the hair as it is being lightened. So no more harsh bleach!!


Save yourself the disaster of looking like a zebra, and save yourself the hefty price tag of visiting the salon! This kit is a healthier alternative to highlighting your hair at home or at a salon, and incredibly simple!


Sexy, subtle highlights look gorgeous and are always the best accessory.



  •  1 oz. Tube of Patented Mica Shine Gel Lightener! • 2 oz. Bottle of Dedicated Developer! • 1 oz. Packet of Booster!
  •  Reusable Professional Balayage Highlighting Wand! • Professional Reusable Black Gloves! • WONDERLUST™ Hair Tonic 1 oz. Bonus! • Reusable Professional Nonslip Mixing Bowl! • Reusable Professional Mixing Spatula! • Two Professional Reusable Hair Clips! • Easy to Follow Instructions!


KELLY VAN GOGH® LUXURY Highlighting Kit for AED 190. The KELLY VAN GOGH® luxury hair colour and care range is available at Bloomingdales, Jet Set (Grosvenor House & Emirates Towers – hair care products only) and online at and


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Kelly Van Gogh is revolutionising the hair colour industry.  Kelly has created customised colours for some of the most photographed women in the world. Working side by side with the biggest names in the industry, her work has been displayed in over 200 editorials, film and TV.  Since the age of 18 Kelly has been developing breakthrough colour products for Clairol, Logics and Aveda. She decided it was time to put this experience, and her passionate colour philosophy, into her own line.  After selling her three successful salons in South Beach, Atlanta and NYC, that featured her press obsessed COLOUR BARS, Kelly went back to school at Columbia University.  There she obtained a background in chemistry and developed her patented hair colour delivery system.  This is changing the nature of how people think about hair colour forever.

Kelly always believed that hair colour should not be tricky, scary, messy or a chore. Hair colour should be a creative process and as simple as putting on makeup.  Kelly devised her luxury Private Hair Colour Kits to include re-usable custom application tools.  Her formulas are no drip, no smell and no stain allowing a woman or man, who has never coloured their hair before, to be able to apply their whole head in less than 10 minutes.  After 10 years of painstaking development and testing on 300 of her most demanding VIP clients, Kelly is proud to present Master Blendä. This is the first patented Caviar Hair Colour System and Caviar Colour Treatment line that repairs your hair as you colour, leaving your hair in better condition than before.  The KELLY VAN GOGHâ line treats hair colour problems from the inside out, making hair the most beautiful canvas for hair colour.  Kelly’s colour philosophy is if you don’t have a beautiful canvas for hair colour, your hair colour will not be beautiful.