Body Shaping with Hypoxi and Vacunaut

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Off-peak Hour Promotion for Body Shaping with Hypoxi and Vacunaut


September 2013: Visit Bodysmart between 1-5pm to get a special off-peak rate for Hypoxi or Hypoxi Vacunaut treatments.

Hypoxi and Vacunaut are both 100% natural and absolutely pain-free bodyshaping and slimming solutions. Hypoxi is also suitable for injury recovery, as the increase in circulation speeds up the recovery while maintaining a gentle exercise level.
HYPOXI operates as  a stationary exercise bike, where you are enclosed within a vacuum chamber from the waist down.  The sealed vacuum chamber applies a unique combination of negative and positive pressure on the skin which stimulates targeted fat burning on the hips, buttocks and thighs.

The HYPOXI VACUNAUT is similar to a treadmill where you wear a pressure suit made of airtight neoprene. During this gentle training, the 122 vacuum chambers built into the suit alternate between negative and positive pressure stimulating targeted fat burning on the stomach and hips.Hpxi_ 1108

BodySmart is offering 18 sessions of Hypoxi or 12 sessions of Vacunaut treatments for only AED 1,500 (regular price of AED 2,200) if you book your treatments in the hours between 1pm and 5pm. Terms and Conditions apply.

Before committing to any course, a fully qualified BodySmart coach will conduct a consultation and trial assessment to determine which of the treatments are suitable, and how many sessions are required to reach the desired goal.

For full details, contact BodySmart in Meadows Town Centre or Umm Suqueim 3.



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About BodySmart

BodySmart Lifestyle are targeted body shaping experts, helping you obtain the body you want without resorting to surgery or invasive treatments.  The studios in the Meadows and Umm Suqeim offer HYPOXI, LPG Lipomassage, including the Cellu M6 LPG and the Huber, PowerPlate, Personal Training, nutritional advice and Xen-Tan, the premium sunless spray tanning solution.  The options available also complement post cosmetic surgery by preventing the build-up of scar tissue as well as shifting stubborn fat and cellulite deposits.

BodySmart was established in Dubai seven years ago.  The hand picked team of trained professionals are passionate about their products, provide a comprehensive, effective and friendly service, and are dedicated to helping clients stay motivated and achieve the results they are looking for.

Opening Hours

The Meadows: Saturday 08.00–19.00; Sunday – Wednesday 08.00–20.00; Thursday 08.00–19.00

Umm Suqeim: Saturday 08.00–19.00; Sunday – Wednesday 08.00–20.00


For further information please contact:

BodySmart                                                             BodySmart

(within Fitness First)                                            Kindermusik Villa

Meadows Town Centre                                       Umm Suqeim 3

Tel 04 363 8318                                                   Tel 04 328 0191




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