Achieve Healthier-Looking Skin

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Achieve Healthier-Looking Skin

Achieve Healthier-Looking Skin with Top Tips from Jergens®

Dubai: Soft, glowing skin is a key beauty concern for many women, and healthy-looking skin can help to make a difference to a woman’s overall look. A vital practice to achieving beautiful skin comes down to diet and a regular exercise regime, alongside the products and treatments we use to look after our skin.

One of the best ways to look after your skin is to enhance your complexion with natural goodness and nutrients in the food you eat:

–      Follow a balanced diet. Stick to a low glycemic diet consisting of lots of vegetables, whole grains and few processed foods to help eliminate acne. More refined carbohydrates such as sugary sweets and processed foods can spike insulin levels that triggers a surge in hormones and can cause blemishes, whereas low glycemic foods help to regulate the insulin levels in our body.

–      Always remember to drink two liters of water every day to ensure you skin remains nourished and hydrated for a healthy glow.

Exercise is vital when it comes to maintaining healthy skin by increasing the blood flow to nourish our skin cells for a vibrant glow:

–      Stress can set off hormones in our body that can lead to spots and breakouts. Make time to wind down and exercise for a healthy looking complexion, and to minimize flair ups.

–      Whilst exercising avoid wearing clothing that rubs against your skin and causes irritation. It’s also important to refrain from touching your face when exercising. Touching your face during exercise can transfer oil and bacteria to your skin and is more likely to cause clogged pores, resulting in blemishes. If you need to remove excess sweat, blot your skin with a clean dry towel.

–      If you don’t have time to shower after exercising, take a pack of facial cleansing wipes to cleanse away built-up sweat and dirt that triggers breakouts.

Our day-to-day habits can also affect our skin, and to nurture our skin doesn’t have to time-consuming:

–      It’s very simple, but keep a tube of Jergens hand and foot cream next to your bed. Turn your cream application process into a ritual and moisturise before you go to sleep and your skin will love you for it over time.

–      Be gentle and listen to your skins needs. If you’re prone to redness, intense heat can exacerbate the condition of your skin – try avoiding saunas, steam rooms and spicy foods.

–      After you’ve taken your daily shower or relaxing evening bath, remember to quickly moisturise to help lock in your skin’s natural moisture. Enriched with silk proteins, try using Jergens Daily moisture lotion to leave your skin feeling smooth and soft all day long.

Feel beautiful in your own skin and try the soft and hydrating Jergens hand and foot as part of your nightly skincare routine. Available in major hyper and supermarkets, the Jergens Hand and Foot creams both retail at AED 12.25 for a 100ml tube and the Jergens Daily Moisture lotion retails at AED 17.9 for a 400ml bottle.

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Notes to the editors:

Kao USA Inc. is a leading manufacturer of premium beauty care brands that are recognized around the world for their innovation and quality. Kao USA Inc. portfolio includes Ban® antiperspirant deodorants; Jergens® and Curél® hand and body lotions; Bioré® facial care; John Frieda®, Frizz-Ease®, Root Awakening®, Luxurious Volume,Sheer Blonde®, Brilliant Brunette®, Radiant Red®, Full Repair™, Precision Foam Colour and Luminous Color Glaze® professional hair care. Founded in 1882, Kao USA Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kao Corporation.



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