Time to Sparkle and Shine with Kinetics

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Time to Sparkle and Shine with Kinetics Limited Edition Collection


Dubai United Arab Emirates: Kinetics, ace cosmetics brand worldwide has recently launched its limited edition collection of new polish colors, featuring eight autumnal, saturated shades.

Inspired by the catwalk trends and developed under a talented and creative team, the Secret Garden collection colors are infused with a matte effect finish and will complement every fashionista’s collection.

Colors range from deep pinks to deep reds, dark blues and mysterious greens. Priced at AED 30 AED /PC this unique color range suits every unique personality.


Daylight Top Coat

7+ DAYS – (Wear time 7+ days on any nail polish; no chipping)

Kinetics Daylight Top Coat is a new generation UV polish that is activated by daylight. This new innovative formulation offers a salon style gel-like manicure in minutes.

It works on any regular nail polish and extends the wear time to 7+ days, with no chipping. While regular nail polish becomes fragile over time, Daylight Top Coat makes the polish stronger.

Daylight Top Coat creates superior gloss that lasts for an entire week and makes the color stand out. It is self-leveling and forms a perfectly smooth finish.

No base coat is required when using Daylight Top Coat with Kinetics’ professional nail polish. Apply the nail polish directly on the nail and finish with the new top coat. It only takes a few minutes to make and you can enjoy a week long salon style manicure. Priced at AED 75, the day-light nail polish  is apt for enjoying a gel manicure look and hardens when exposed to daylight


New Super Polish

Kinetics also introduces a new concept for the Shield lac polish. With the new Super Polish there is no for a base coat or top coat and dries in minutes. The new formulation of Super Polish makes life simpler and it applies just like a regular nail polish, in one simple step, and cures in 30 sec under an LED lamp. After cured, Super Polish is immediately ready to go.

Priced at AED 75, with the new innovative formulation the nails look natural and thinner and colors appear vibrant and super glossy with only 10 minutes application time.

About Kinetics: 

Founded on the philosophy of creating fashionable nail cosmetics, Kinetics established by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs, John Manzione and Andzejs Stencavs. Over ten years of continuous improvement, Kinetics has developed a fashionable nail product line that is the most comprehensive on the market. Designed by and for professionals, every item in the Kinetics line reflects our two ambitious goals: impeccable quality and outstanding design