Shalky House launches its new collection

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Shalky House launches its new collection for Spring – Summer 2016

Qassim Qassim the “Shalky” house designer has launched a new collection for the spring – summer season of 2016 which inspired from the Ottoman style. These designs reflected a very feminine features extravaganza designs, revealed in its harmony colors the magic spring with royal Shalky style.

The collection  provided different paintings, where color lifestyles harmonized in highly sophisticated manner while others elevated in a climax of romance from the top of the green color to cyan blue with yellow roses and golden Pacific and the Move light blue majestic, magical touches of hand embroidery masterly and reminiscent of the nights of the Ottoman mankind and tales of One Thousand and One Nights, and simulations contrast between night and day, the designer presented his designs with funny cuts and others more balanced to suit your all events in accordance with the modern style with care to preserve the essence of kaftans with well-known Shalky house touches.

What is striking in the collection is the hand embroidery, which ascended some accurate designs, with brilliant Babbitt granules with the reflection of the sun and moon light. And pure silk, chiffon ores and crape and organza add Luxurious richness to kaftans, while used raw materials add quality and perfection on Shalky trade mark to highlight Kaftan to the satisfaction of all tastes, as for the crystal beads it increase the glow of designs and promotes the inspired the mysterious tales of One Thousand and One Nights.

Through this collection, which conjures up beside the romantic side, the beauty of nature and the colors of the spectrum, the collection offers spring and summer glow to give you charming to the charm of beauty so Shalky women overlooking with a look that combines modern and beauty.