Rove Hotels announces new Chief Happiness Officer

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Rove Hotels announces new Chief Happiness Officer and Happiness Hub ahead of International Happiness Day

Following the success of the United Nations International Day of Happiness initiative and the appointment of Rove Hotels Happiness Ambassador last year, Happiness Chipote (yes, that is his real name) has been promoted to a new role as Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) at Rove Hotels with the responsibility of instilling happiness and energy within Rovesters and Rovers across all Rove Hotels with his infectious laugh and enthusiasm.

Chipote will oversee the newly established Happiness Hub which includes 12 Happy Rovesters (Rove Hotels team members) drawn from different department across all hotels including Rove Trade Centre, as well as Rove Dubai Marina, the newest addition to the Rove Hotels portfolio which is scheduled to open in Q2 of this year. With this initiative, Rove Hotels becomes the first mid-market hotel brand in the region to create a happiness department, thus supporting the UAE vision to be among the happiest countries in the world.


Team members within the Happiness Hub, whether they be a supervisor, a member of the F&B team at The Daily restaurant, a barista, front desk manager, meetings co-ordinator or those within the housekeeping department will follow the Happiness Hub guidelines set out by Happiness Hub CHO Chipote and the Rove Hotels management team to create an atmosphere full of fun, liveliness, and joy, throughout not just International Day of Happiness but throughout the year. They will be responsible for creating stronger relationships by connecting to Rovesters as well as the Rovers, inspire others to learn new things and develop new skills, and spread positivity throughout the hotels.

Guests (Rovers) visiting Rove Hotels are encouraged to choose happiness and look out for special happiness activities and events which are soon to be announced ahead of International Day of Happiness on 20 March 2018. Chief Happiness Officer, Happiness and his team of happy Rovesters are certain to bring a smile to the face of every guest.

Paul Bridger, Corporate Director of Operations, Rove Hotels, said: “Following the incredibly successful campaign last year and inspired by the UAE’s efforts to become one of the happiest countries in the world, delivering happiness has become a core value for the Rove Hotels brand. We will continue to bring positivity and joy to Rovesters and Rovers alike and ensure that our Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) will stimulate smiles and energy amongst all guests.

The UN International Day of Happiness which takes place globally on 20 March “recognises the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal and the need for a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes sustainable development, poverty eradication, happiness and the well-being of all peoples.” 

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