Revolutionary New Slimming Solutions

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Balance Wellness Club Introduces Revolutionary New Slimming Solutions

Revolutionary New Slimming Solutions

Target and break down fat cells instantly with ‘Cavitation’ sessions and get rid of stubborn cellulite with ‘Endermologie’ technique

Dubai-UAE: – Transform your body and get into the best shape of your life at Balance Wellness Club with its newly introduced instant slimming methods – Cavitation and Endermologie, a patented technique by LPG Systems a world leader in cellular stimulation and has been offering non-invasive slimming equipment for the last twenty six years.

Balance Wellness Club’s Cavitation treatment uses low frequency ultra sound waves to penetrate the superficial layers of the skin to reach the fat cells. These ultra sound waves create micro bubbles that cause a vacuum effect to break down fat cells and turn them into a liquid substance that is easily removed from the body using the lymphatic systems. A single cavitation session lasts approximately 45 minutes focusing on a problem area. A range of six to 12 sessions are recommended to gain lasting effects, with each session carried out once in a week, allowing for the necessary time to naturally dispose the fat.

Endermologie applies two methods, lipo-massage and lift-massage, both targeting uneven skin and fat using motorized tools of massaging, a 100% natural Mecano-stimulation technique. A professional using a CELLU M6 device performs the treatment. Endermologie treatments are available in a single sitting or in a package of seven sessions.

Trained wellness professionals at Balance Wellness Club recommend a 30-minute activity that may be walking, aqua biking, or yoga to complement the treatment and achieve appropriate results.

Balance Wellness Club is now offering a private Spa Bike session upon the purchase of a Cavitation or Endermologie treatment. The Spa Bike session involves cycling movement in water with powerful 20 water jets to create a massaging action that actively drains the body and drastically reduces water retention, while pedaling which will work to strengthen muscles and tone the body.

For more information, please contact Balance Wellness Club at Oasis Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road at 04 384 7010 / 7011.




About Balance Wellness Club

Balance Wellness Club is an integral component of Balance Wellbeing 3600, the Landmark Group’s holistic health and wellness concept. Located at the Oasis Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road, Balance Wellness Club aims to make effective and healthy lifestyle solutions available to people at an affordable price. Towards this purpose, the Club converts wellness into a regular experience rather than a luxury.

The Balance Wellness Club offers over 65 bespoke therapies for the body and mind. The techniques integrated from across the world including Tibet, India, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico and China range from restorative routines in Ayurveda, colour and water-based therapy, Moroccan Hammam, Thai Massage and Vichy Shower, to name a few.

Through skilfully combining healing and energy work with natural products of ethical purity and modern equipment, the Balance Lifestyle Solution Programs includes personal assessment, diet and bespoke healing therapies to target specific goals such as weight-loss, detox, pre and post natal, anti-aging, bridal, diabetes and spinal care.

At Balance, yoga and Pilates are also taught as a way of life that unites and strengthens the mind and body.  Complementing this experience, periodic lectures and workshops on customised diet, exercise routines and therapy programmes are led by lifestyle experts and therapy masters as an integral part of the club’s bodywork focus.