Noer Organics Fronts Global Organic Skin Care Trend

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Noer Organics Fronts Global Organic Skin Care Trend

According to economic experts the global market for organic skin care is booming. In fact, it’s set to reach US$13.2 billion by 2018. Avant-guard skincare boutique Noer Organics is at the forefront of the global trend with its artisanal range of products manufactured entirely from organic and wildcrafted ingredients.

The latest research comes from international market intelligence group, Transparency Market Research. Titled “Organic Personal Care Products Market for Skincare, Haircare, Oral Care and Cosmetics 2012 – 2018,” the report revealed that the global demand for organic personal care products exceeded US$7.6 billion in 2012. Furthermore, it predicted that by 2018 the market value would top US$13.2 billion. These figures represent a colossal CAGR growth rate of 9.6%, with experts anticipating further development post-2018.

Mia Elkaff, Founder of Noer Organics organic skincare range said, “Over the past few years the industry has enjoyed immense growth ignited by a growing global appreciation for the advantages of organic products. Our company is driven by a passion to bottle the benefits of organic ingredients and turn them into luxury skincare products that nourish the body and stimulate the mind.”

Industry experts maintain that the world’s growing preference for organic skincare is fuelled largely by an increasing appreciation for raw, organic and unrefined food. The health benefits are palpable and are rapidly filtering into other market sectors, including the skincare industry.

Another factor driving demand is an increase in intensive research and development within the organic skincare market. This enhanced knowledge has meant that consumers are no longer forced to choose between organic, eco-friendly products or chemical skincare that delivers on packaging promises. Consumers can now enjoy the best of both worlds, with brands such as Noer Organics retailing unadulterated products that give unprecedented results.

Founded on ethical practices, holistic healing and all-natural ingredients, Noer Organics encompasses the essence of the organic skincare trend that’s sweeping the globe. The boutique company retails a small yet remarkably potent range of highly-concentrated formulas crafted from the finest organic ingredients.

Blending age-old beauty rites with modern in-house research, products are pure, natural and utterly luxurious. Creations are made all the more indulgent by infusing blends with gemstone essences. Rose Quartz instils love, Rhodonite imbues rescue and Jade is an ancient stone affiliated with the process of healing. The addition of gemstones infuses energy into each elixir to ensure phenomenal results. After being lovingly concocted in the Noer Organics lab all products are bottled in specially sourced spiritual glassware designed to encapsulate and invigorate the vital life forces.

Ms Elkaff added, “We’ve immersed ourselves in ancient lore and modern science and found the perfect balance between the two incredibly powerful practices. The result is an exclusive range of organic skincare potions that distil bliss, embody radiance and foster a glowing complexion.”

As the world continues to explore the benefits of unrefined ingredients Noer Organics is anticipating a surge in sales of its luxury wildcrafted skincare products.

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About Noer Organics: Based in the UK, Noer Organics is a boutique skincare brand with a passion for pure and organic ingredients. The artisanal range of products is small yet potent, offering buyers luxury, quality and profusion of passion. Best-selling products include Healing Nectar, Cleansing Balm and Purifying Mask. Products can be purchased online via the Noer Organics e-boutique.