Maple Bear Arrives in the UAE

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Maple Bear: The GCC’s First International Canadian Nursery Arrives in the UAE

Maple Bear’s arrival in January 2015 underlines Dubai’s pioneering commitment towards bringing the best in early childhood education to the Emirates


Dubai, UAE – Maple Bear, the world renowned nursery franchise organization founded in Canada with over 20,000 students and 170 centres in 11 countries worldwide, today confirms its arrival in the GCC.  Maple Bear will commence its roll-out plan with theopening of two flagship properties in Dubai; namely Jumeirah and Burj Area and operational from January 2015.  The brand’s regional launch is the result of a partnership with The Learning Curve Holdings LTD, an education leader with a respected history in the Gulf region and also represents one of the first Canadian based education providers in the region.


Maple Bear has a long tradition of excellence in providing academic programs around thecritical foundation stages of education, offering a child centric philosophy and a focus on learning through play. Additionally, Maple Bear places a great deal of emphasis on CSR initiatives and seeks to have a positive impact on the communities in which it operates, identifying opportunities to contribute and give back.


Maple Bear’s arrival in the GCC is a clear response to the UAE’s pioneering commitment towardsraising the bar for early childhood education in the region, which has witnessed a compounded growth of pre-school aged children in line with its steady population growth.  Busy parents in the UAE place a high priority on finding a safe and nurturing environment for their children that adheres to international standards, making Maple Bear, with its focus on the Canadian curriculum and externally audited classes, the ideal choice.


“Maple Bear will fill a fundamental gap for quality education at the foundation stages,” said Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Learning Curve Holdings LTD, Basem Abu Dagga. He continues:”We are very excited to be bringing a globally recognized early childhood development school system with a successful history in operating in many diverse countries to one of the fastest growing cities in the world.”


“We believe that Maple Bear will introduce a quality Canadian education alternative and will be a very exciting and advanced educational system. We are confident that it will be attractive to many parents and children. It will certainly appeal to the ever growing Canadian expat population in the Gulf region.”


Eight further Maple Bear centers are planned in the UAE over the coming years.


Maple Bear is currently taking bookings for the January 2015 term in both Jumeirah and Burj Area.





About The Learning Curve Holdings LTD

Learning Curve Holdings, Maple Bear’s partner in the GCC has a long history of leadership in the education sector in the Gulf region. Founder and Executive Director Basem Abu Dagga’s late Grandfather was one of the first four teachers to come to the region in the early 1930’s. His mother continued the legacy by actively building the foundation of teaching in Kuwait. Basem himself received an excellent education and in turn, was inspired and determined to deliver quality educational programs to children in the region.