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Dubai, UAE – Kim Kardashian, a few weeks ago, broke the internet again as she announced that she will only use faux fur, a great decision as her sister’s Kylie and Kendall’s favourite faux fur designer Ollia Tsarina have decided to focus only on faux fur.

The brand was launched in 2015 and since then, it has taken the Hollywood industry by storm. A-list celebrities such as Arabic pop icon Haifa Wehbe, Jennifer Lopez, Rita Ora, Ciara, Christina Aguilera, Mary J. Blige, The Kardashian Sisters including Kylie and Kendall Jenner and self-proclaimed vegan, Ariana Grande, are seen wearing the brand through several media appearances, photo shoots and billboards.

The sad news? You can’t definitely use your faux fur this summer, especially here in UAE, unless you want to literally feel scorching.

However breaking up with your faux fur, is just like a temporary lover’s quarrel and rest assured, it will never last for eternity. After all, faux fur are not only fun, it is one of your fashion armours during winter season. This is also the reason why you need to be assured that you are properly taking good care of them.

To help us with our furry and huggable treasures, here are the TOP 5 techniques to clean and take care of your fur, 5 advices coming from the Fur Queen of Fashion herself:

1. Faux fur has to be to stored in a dry place. This will protect the lining from excessive moisture and unwanted odour. Choose a place that is not exposed to intense heat or direct sunlight. No one wants a matted and discoloured faux fur!  This might be a surprise to most of us, but faux fur are not meant to be worn under the rain and snow. The materials are not designed to be worn in these conditions. Water and moisture are big no-no for faux fur.

2. Store your precious faux fur in a breathable garment bag especially in the UAE where the weather is mostly humid. Oh, and don’t forget to use a padded hanger to keep the shoulders from losing their shape.

3. It always pays off to look chic and smell chic. But never spray perfume on your lovely fur treasure. Perfumes contain harsh chemicals that can damage the fibers of your faux fur. You can always wear your favourite perfume before putting on your faux furry coat.

4. To prepare your faux fur for next autumn, you can always wash them with cold water and extremely gentle detergent. You can use your washing machine. Turn it inside out to protect the fibers from friction. If you are unsure of your washing machine’s settings, better turn your faux fur over to a specialized cleaner to freshen up the lining as well.
5. The poor faux fur is all cramped up inside your luggage when you travel. As soon as you unpack, make sure to shake your faux fur vigorously to straighten up the creases and smoothen out the fibre to its natural direction. A special faux fur brush is a must have too.

Tzarina By Ollia carries some faux fur which looks like fine knit. She personally takes her ‘Jet Set’ cardigan to S France , and rocks it over her shorts and silk tops in the evening while taking her puppy for a walk along the coastline. So, to floss your fine faux fur like how the Fur Queen of Fashion does, follow these simple tips above!

Ollia encourages you to take full advantage of the summer sales and get some cool items ready and waiting for you to wear in autumn without breaking the bank! It’s the perfect time to hunt for those classy, funky fur in different tones. After all, autumn and winter seasons are all about colours, even in fur! To free up some space in your closet for your next set of wardrobe, recycle if you must. What better way to accommodate those collection of fur than to recycle, time to break up and break free from old clothes lodging in your closets for decades, the best way is to gift it to charity.


Tzarina – is the sole founder of ‘Tzarina By Ollia’, she launched the label in 2015 after not being able to find a fur coat of a particular colour. What started as a little home project, soon grew into the name that every A-lister and It-girl has heard of at least once. Ollia’s clients include girls such as Kylie and Kendal Jenner, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. Rita Ora, the Middle Eastern Pop Goddess Haifa Wehbe, and the pop queen J.Lo just to name a few. The brand that is based in Milan with its main showroom just 2 minutes away from the Armani hotel, in Dubai – the HQ is located in Business Bay and in Los Angeles, where the magic happens, where the most renowned fashion stylists of our generation visit the showroom on Wilshire Blvd and pick one of the beautiful pieces, be it for the future editorial or for the red carpet event.