Kcal Aims for Next Level in 2014

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Kcal Aims for Next Level in 2014

This year finds Kcal Healthy Fast Food in full expansion mode

Dubai, UAE: Kcal, the Dubai-headquartered Healthy Fast Food brand, is set to announce the details of its ambitious plans for 2014’s second half and beyond.

Following intensive preparations and a successful roll-out of six outlets in Dubai over the recent past, the brand’s principals indicated recently they were contemplating a broad franchising expansion that should see Kcal challenge the existing fast-food networks with their radically unique approach to the industry.

The brain-child of Mark Carroll and Andreas L Borgmann, two passionate and dynamic entrepreneurs, Kcal quickly rose to prominence within the industry, delivering on what customers were looking for. Summing up their vision, Mark Carroll recently defined the insights that led to the creation of the brand: “we felt that there was a huge and gaping hole in the industry”, he said, adding: “There was absolutely nothing similar for a person who valued his nutrition, wanted to break away from the traditional fast-food offerings and yet needed a meal that was healthy, tasty, available immediately, and, why not, fun!” This quickly became the platform which saw Kcal deliver calorie-controlled healthy fast food through conveniently located outlets, as well as meal plans with Kcal Extra, their parallel bespoke delivery service business pillar, which now serves thousands of meals per week.

Commenting on the recent exhaustive revamp of their menu, as well as the soon to be open sixth outlet in JBR, Andreas L Borgmann highlighted that “…we are happy to have answered the expectations of a growing consumer segment and have quickly become recognized as game-changers in the industry. In my eyes, we are broader than just nutrition and have become recognized as the brand associated to people who seek a healthier and better lifestyle.”

The company, now firmly established in the UAE, is understood to be contemplating an ambitious franchise program that will see them take their vision across the Middle East and beyond.


About Kcal Healthy Fast Food

Founded in 2010, Kcal Healthy Fast Food is the brain child of Mark Carroll and Andreas L Borgmann, two passionate and ambitious entrepreneurs. Its mission is to radically change the fast food industry by offering healthy, calorie-controlled food, fast and at an affordable price. In their quest to offer quality-checked, and increasingly locally-sourced menus whose variety and choice make nutrition fun, Kcal is on its way to owning the exclusive label of five-star meal providers at takeaway prices, making the world a better place through this bold and unique concept.

Operating out of its Dubai headquarters, Kcal has pursued a dynamic outlet growth policy that has seen it open six restaurants to date. The coming months will witness the brand pursue its dynamic expansion policy, with additional openings in the pipeline for the UAE and the region.

Kcal has also developed Kcal Extra, its bespoke healthy meal plan, which currently serves thousands of meals per week to its subscribers and is on a fast growth track.

Long-term expansion plans have already been set in motion, and will involve franchising the brand beyond the Middle East, while fully developing the Kcal Healthy Catering business pillar in parallel.


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