DiamonSilk and S2 Flat Irons

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Introducing DiamonSilk and S2 Flat Irons at EIDEAL Online

For stunningly straight, curly and wavy hair

DiamonSilk and S2 Flat Irons


Dubai – DiamonSilk and S2, the only flat irons for stylish individuals who desire perfection are now available at www.eidealonline.com for delivery in the UAE.

All girls love a little bit of bling and DiamonSilk offer just this, being the first hair straightener ever to be made with diamond coated plates. The science behind it the use of rare nano-diamonds locks in moisture creates an unparalleled shine and protects beautiful hair from being damaged; whilst the moving plates ensure that no hair is missed, allowing you to achieve a flawless look.

The S² features two negatively charged silicone bars that seal the cuticle and smooth your hair in just one stroke. Designed to create optimum tension and even heat distribution to straighten every strand of hair whilst adding a true shine injection.

Both flat irons heat up in just 10 seconds to their maximum temperature of 230⁰C so when getting ready there’s plenty of time for makeup and choosing your outfit. They also feature a full digital display, which includes temperature control. For those of us forever wondering whether we turned off our hair appliances after leaving the house, the flat irons smart safety settings ensure that they automatically shut-off after 10 minutes of inactivity, giving you peace of mind as well as amazing hair!

Both DiamonSilk and the S2 are suitable for every hair type and style and can be used to achieve a variety of stunning looks, whether you straighten, curl or wave your luscious locks.

DiamonSilk also has a sister product with all the benefits of the original design and technology but with a wider plate, the ideal tool for taming long, thick, curly or coarse hair.


Order yours online today at www.ediealonline.com



EIDEAL™ is the leading provider of premium hair products and tools across the MENA region. The brand combines innovative technology with contemporary design to produce a range that has fast become a sensation in both retail and in salons.

The EIDEAL range was born through a necessity for high-quality tools that produce professional results. The founder, a former hairdresser, was driven to create a range of products that would set the standard for those in the industry. Since its inception, EIDEAL has been growing at a substantial pace, thanks to its founder’s constant search for idealism and a distinctive ability to provide the professionals with the best quality tools for their salons.

Currently, EIDEAL offers a vast selection of Hair Dryers, Straightening Irons, Curling Irons, Hair Clippers, Hair Brushes, Scissors and many other hair related accessories. These products are made from the highest quality materials, obtained from a range of natural sources including our Ceramic Brush, infused with tourmaline gems, and our DiamonSilk Flat Iron, the first flat iron to have diamond coated plating.

EIDEAL’s technological innovations and remarkable sales figures are reflected in the company’s widespread presence in major international exhibitions. Since 2008 EIDEAL has been one of the largest corporate manifestations at Dubai’s prestigious Gulf Beautyworld ME and at In-Shape health, beauty and fitness fair, in Lebanon.

This, however, is far from the limit of our potential. At EIDEAL the R&D team is working day and night to develop more innovative tools. Combining creativity with practicality, to improve the performance of hair professionals and satisfy the needs of every woman aspiring for beauty.