BuggEfit to whip mums back into shape

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BuggEfit is back and ready to whip mums back into shape

BuggEfit to whip mums back into shape

Dubai: BuggEfit is back and ready to get mums back into shape, while helping them socialise with other mums and spend some extra, quality time with their adorable tots!

BuggEfit, is a unique exercise plan introduced to the UAE in 2007 by parent-baby exercise pioneers, PURE Fitness, which has created a name for itself as being the go-to expert for mum-baby fitness in the region. PURE Fitness has created a unique exercise class specifically for mums that allows them to use their baby’s buggy as an exercise tool. While your little one is enjoying a nap, kicking their legs, or chewing on their teething ring, the buggy will act as resistance for you during a workout. It is the perfect way to tone up all the wobbly bits hit by pregnancy, such as your abs, your back and your pelvic floor muscles, as well as the usual legs, bums and tums.

What’s more, you are exercising with other mums and their buggy-snuggled babies, giving you the perfect opportunity to make new friends and gain invaluable support from other women in the same position as you! Now that Dubai’s cooler weather is making a much – anticipated comeback, the BuggEfit classes will be held at various outdoor parks around Dubai ensuring that you and your little one get to indulge in crisp, fresh air – an exciting prospect after the long summer!

Super Mums, Catherine Williams and Elaine Luck are the ladies who will be using their knowledge, expertise and passion for fitness to help new mums achieve their ultimate goals, ensuring that, with their infectious enthusiasm, BuggEfit will not only be a highly effective workout, but super fun too! While friendly and approachable, Catherine and Elaine do take their job extremely seriously too, ensuring that they are constantly updating their pre and postnatal qualifications in order to give their clients the best available, scientifically researched advice.

This is one of the reasons activities such as running with a buggy are not endorsed and included in the BuggEfit classes, as research has shown that due to relaxin being released in the postnatal body for up to six-months after breastfeeding, the spinal vertebrae is extremely insecure and major joints unstable which means that repetitive impact exercises such as running and jogging can seriously damage your postnatal body. All PURE Fitness classes are carefully designed to allow new mums all the exercise intensity that they need in order to get maximum results without risking injury to their svelte, new bodies.

Starting Sunday 12th October, BuggEfit classes will be held at various locations and parks around Dubai every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. The cost is AED 60 per class or AED 300 for 6 sessions.  No specific buggy is required to participate in the class, just bring whatever buggy you have!

So, get fit with BuggEfit and visit www.purefitnessuae.com or call +971 (0)506594376  for more information today.

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Note to editors – class timings:

Barsha Park – Every Sunday starting 12th October, 9am.

Palm Park –Every Tuesday starting 14th October, 9am

Meadows Fitness First – Every Tuesday and Thursday, 10am (indoor)

Other locations and timings to be added soon.