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PRO SCULPTING Range: Sculpt Your Face Like A Pro


MAKE UP FOR EVER has long used the art of makeup to optimally bring out beauty with spotlights. Contouring is a subtle art that doesn’t endeavor to completely change the appearance of a face, but rather naturally enhance it. Easy to use, the PRO SCULPTING line, a 360 sculpting line for face, brows and lips, by MAKE UP FOR EVER, is ideal for women’s daily beauty routine, offering perfect and natural results in all circumstances.


Like sculpture, the choice of specific points of light is key to makeup that reflects each individual’s personality. Specific application methods are required to contour the hollows of the cheeks, accentuate cheekbones, refine the nose or make eyes appear larger.


Thanks to the formulas and textures developed by MAKE UP FOR EVER, the products from the #prosculpting line are particularly easy to use, allowing each woman to play with light in order to sculpt facial volumes with a natural result.


PRO SCULPTING PALETTE to contour the face


PRO SCULPTING PALETTE gives women the key to this harmony with a single makeup tool. In a practical on-the-go size, it combines 4 harmonious shades for a flawless and natural-looking complexion; Light, medium, tan or dark, based on women’s natural skin tone. With a subtle blend of colors, the 4 palettes boast 4 shades that have been specifically developed in collaboration with professional international makeup artists. The complexion is perfectly sculpted in exactly the right color tone.


  1. HIGHLIGHT: the light, matte shade gives shape to natural volumes.
  2. CONTOUR: the dark, matte shade hollows and defines contours.
  3. SHIMMER: the iridescent shade adds light to facial volumes.
  4. COLOR: the blush gives the complexion a fresh and harmonious appearance.


PRO SCULPTING BROW to structure the eye contour


Eyebrows play a major role in adding structure and successfully contouring the face. PRO SCULPTING BROW is a compact 3-in-1 high precision tool that holds the secret to beautiful eyes.


  1. A pencil in the shade closest to the eyebrows in retractable angled form allows for precise, smudge-free application allowing users to modify the thickness of lines and fill in even the tiniest sparse areas.
  2. At the opposite end, the nylon fiber brush evens out and controls color intensity along the entire brow for a natural result.
  3. An illuminator that comes in a light, matte shade adds luminosity to the brow bone to beautifully highlight the eyes.


Developed in collaboration with MAKE UP FOR EVER professional makeup artists, the 5 shades are as close as possible to the natural eyebrow color.


PRO SCULPTING LIP to redefine and sculpt lips


The grand finale to a beautifully made-up face, lips add the ultimate touch of glamour. Desirable, they fully embody femininity in more ways than one.


PRO SCULPTING LIP combines an intensely colored base with a light-enhancing tool. This 2-in-1 lip tool offers the perfect combination for beautifully enhancing lip shape and volume. Fitted with a double applicator tip, this lip sculptor is as easy to use as it is effective in delivering perfect makeup results.


On one side, the satiny lipstick contains intense color pigments and synthetic mica powders that ensure perfect hold all day long. On the other side, a subtly iridescent creamy powder may be applied sparingly, thanks to a foam tip that adds touches of light and boosts volume leaving lips absolutely irresistible. PRO SCULPTING LIP exists in 4 expert shades to define the lips and highlight them in intense color.


Now with #prosculpting range, the first complete contouring line, each woman can transform her appearance as she wants or needs, and sculpt her features to her heart’s desire.


Additional Information:


MAKE UP FOR EVER PRO SCULPTING range will be launched at all MAKE UP FOR EVER Boutiques and Sephora stores starting March 1st, 2016 and other selling point starting from March 16th, 2016.



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