ZZegna Spring Summer 2013


ZZegna Spring Summer 2013 1

Product Highlights


SILHOUETTES: Traditional khaki uniform and 1960’s leisure wear inspire a relaxed, non-corporate silhouette. A new state of mind, dressing to be comfortable, distanced from the corporate world of “power dressing.” Moderately boxy and at times oversized with reinterpreted unstructured shoulders – all inspired by the iconic shirt. Jackets, blazers and outerwear, cut with short sleeves, paired with high-waist trousers and wide cut Bermuda shorts. The tailored and casual summer uniforms collide, leaving behind the rigidity of the working world and showing a more younger, relaxed spirit.

 ZZegna Spring Summer 2013 3

PALETTE: Retro leisure chino colors juxtaposed with neon colors inspired by the artwork of Dan Flavin.


SHADES: tangerine, lemon, sea green, avocado, and coral that energize bases of very solid blue, taupe, and khaki. Optical illusions and playful prints.

 ZZegna Spring Summer 2013 2

FABRICS: pure cotton, paper touch cotton, silk, wool and Solaro effect wool (Solaro fabric was created at the beginning of ‘900 as a military fabric: British soldiers were using it in the Tropics, utilizing the red part to line the helmets and the beige part to protect themselves from the sun).