The ZZegna Autumn Winter 2012 Collection



Autumn Winter 2012

Product Highlights


The ZZegna man continuously evolves encapsulating a global style.

The ZZegna Autumn Winter 2012 collection is rooted in the classics with traditional textiles thanks to a wealthy archive of fabrics; this season the collection presents a sartorial flavour. Though the fabrics are traditional, the attitude is young.


The collection is performance driven, combining innovative fabrics with designed trimmings and hardware and accents of statement colour.

Elegance, function and comfort are united to create a new look, a modern exploration of the term ‘Gentleman’.


There is a return to the art of dressing, which collides with today’s inner city style. A desire to communicate self belief and empowerment sees the suit with a new iconic status. Jackets are modernized with new streamlined proportions and made lighter with softer constructions.


SILHOUETTE: The stylization and elongation of the 1920’s inspired the sartorial lines of the suits, whilst the concept of the commuter and working man of the 50’s inspired the outerwear and sportswear silhouettes.


PALETTE: The main colors are simple, consistent with a collection that is designed to last:
navy blue, charcoal, ebony, khaki, burgundy. Within these deep tones explode brilliant graphic effects of electric blue, sapphire, red-orange, and emerald, often highlighted by a lively play on contrasts.

FABRICS: techno satin, high performance jersey, tweeds, lambs-wool, stretch wool and exceptionally full-bodied mohair.




Look 1

Look 3

Look 6

Double breasted suit in techno mohair with poplin shirt in pale blue and tie in micro pattern Polo knit vanisè techno wool with slim-line trousers in English gabardine with adjustable elastic waist and accents in black rubber. Leather wallet. Raincoat in rubber gabardine with under collar in 3D mesh, slim-line trousers in rubber, rubber umbrella with handmade leather handle and rubber gloves in two-tone leather



Look 8

Look 11

Look 17

Raincoat in technical gabardine with copper zip, seamless jumper in pure wool, slim-line trousers in technical gabardine. Two-tone leather gloves Gilet with elasticated cross panel, shirt in poplin with technical jersey back panel and contrasting colours. Trousers in English gabardine with waisted details. Satchel in leather with copper accessories Soft touch polo in polypropylene with colour blocking, trousers in English gabardine, two-tone leather gloves.



Look 18

Look 22

Look 31

Soft touch polypropylene jumper in positive/negative two-toned jacquard, knitted outerwear with back and sleeves in leather, slim-line trousers Pony skin caban with trousers in techno mohair, slim-line trousers and two-tone leather gloves Caban in Shetland wool with copper zip, shirt in poplin with tie, slim-line trousers, iPad case in leather with copper zip





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