The New White Lumination Brightening Radiance Facial Care by PHYTOMER


For a Revealed Radiant & Luminous Complexion

Due to the passing time or repeated sun exposure, dark spots start showing and skin complexion becomes less radiant and translucent. Excessive production of melanin, known as melanogenesis, and its build up, form dark spots in certain areas of the skin. By controlling melanogenesis, it is possible to help eliminate these pigmentary imperfections during natural epidermal renewal and to regulate the amount of melanin produced in order to limit the appearance of new dark spots.

To reveal the radiance of the complexion and diminish dark spots, PHYTOMER has developed the new WHITE LUMINATION facial treatment procedure and innovative product range for daily home care. In Collaboration with their subsidiary in Japan, PHYTOMER created the WHITE LUMINATION range of professional and retail products of an advanced formula featuring a trio of benchmark natural ingredients that are extremely effective in diminishing dark spots:

Sea Lily, WHITE LUMINATION star ingredient, a coastal plant that grows in the sand of the islands of Hoedic and Houat in Brittany, France. This seaside plant has the exceptional ability to inhibit melanin synthesis. It works as a true radiance booster to correct the appearance of dark spots, often linked to skin aging or repeated sun exposure. It has a very specific mode of action: Sea Lily combats dark spots induced by cellular stress via the nerve fibers. Added to a cosmetic formula, it helps reduce the surface area and intensity of dark spots and improves the skin’s luminosity. Dictyopteris, an alga with brightening action, reduces skin pigmentation by limiting the production and exportation of melanin by acting via the cells for more translucency and radiance. Vitamin C, a real radiance booster, illuminates the complexion and reduces the formation of dark spots.

For an immediate burst of radiance, PHYTOMER introduces a new facial treatment, the WHITE LUMINATION Brightening Radiance Treatment. This very complete treatment offers skin cleansing and combined mechanical and chemical exfoliation in order to encourage a “new skin” effect. This is followed by an even-toning face massage carried out with the new Perfecting Massage Cream, an advanced professional product formulated to combine brightening action, dark spot correction and action on wrinkles. The application of the new Luminous Complexion Mask, Plasticizing with Vitamin C delivers a final burst of radiance for a glowing face.

The treatment is performed in 75 minutes consisting of 5 stages; Back Relaxation, Marine Immersion, Cleansing and Double Exfoliation, Even-Toning Face Massage, Plasticizing Mask with Vitamin C and finally Relaxation and Awakening. The results show incomparable luminosity and immediate radiance-revealing effect of the complexion. Dark spots are diminished and the skin in visibly brightened and more translucent, causing the skin complexion to glow with beauty.

For a prolonged effect of radiance and luminosity, a brightening home care program is best advised following the treatment. The new radiance face range consists of 4 brightening skincare products that boast original and extremely sensorial textures developed to deliver lightness and softness. Furthermore, to guarantee optimal safety, each product of the range is fragrance-free.


–         WHITE LUMINATION Radiance Cleansing Oil, 150 ml, AED 105.00.

A light cleansing transparent oil which gently eliminates makeup and impurities. It visibly improves the brightness and eveness of the skin.
Gently massage a small dose of dry oil onto the skin. Add  a  small  amount  of  water  and  work  up  a  lather  with fingertips, then rinse.

–         WHITE LUMINATION Radiance Smoothing Lotion, 150 ml, AED 105.00

A gentle lotion which exfoliates the surface of the epidermis to stimulate cell renewal and leaves skin cleansed, radiant and comfortable, in preparation for the application of other treatments. Rekindles the skin’s natural glow leaving your complexion softly radiant.

Apply to perfectly cleansed skin with a cotton pad.


–         WHITE LUMINATION Spot Corrector Serum, 30 ml, AED 240.00
An ultra-light serum which visibly lights up the complexion and reduces the appearance of dark spots, to achieve an even tone and radiant skin which glows from within.
Use morning and evening before your skincare cream. Apply a small amount, paying special attention to areas with uneven pigmentation or lacking in radiance.


–         WHITE LUMINATION Remineralizing Lightening Mask, 50 ml, AED 150.00

A luxurious cream-mask, rich is Sea Lily, Dictyopteris and Vitamin C with remineralizing OLIGOMER ®, recharges the skin with energy and restores its glow. The complexion looks incredibly even toned and radiant.

Apply a medium layer to face and neck once or twice a week. Remove excess product with a cotton pad moistened with water, then rinse.



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