Take care of your smile … and your life


Take care of your smile and your life

The Dental Studio

Takes care of Your Smile … and Your Life

October is Dental Hygiene Month

The summer months are a time to relax, enjoy life, indulge, play,  and throw away the rule book for a little while.  September calls for a return to routine, regular daily life and “back to school” for all of us.

Part of your routine should include taking care of yourself: your health and wellbeing and that includes your mouth and teeth.  Regular dental checks help to avoid serious dental problems (or even dentures!) later in life.

The Dental Studio, the only The certified Dental Phobia centre in Dubai, cares for all your and your family’s oral health concerns.  And during the months of September and October, all dental chek-ups and hygienist visits will include an oral cancer check.

The Dental Studio is the first dental practice in Dubai to offer oral cancer testing, using the VELscope oral screening system – a quick and easy exam that could save your life.  The VELscope system is recognised by the World Health Organisation.  It is completely painless and non-invasive test that enables dental professionals to detect any potential mouth abnormalities that may be symptomatic of oral cancer or pre-cancerous lesions.

The Dental Studio founder, Dr Jaco Smith explained, “Oral cancer is one of the world’s fastest growing, aggressive cancers, largely because oral cancer screening is not always regularly conducted, and by the time it is disagnosed it is often too late for effective treatment.  If caught early enough, it is one of the most treatable forms of cancer.  Rregular oral cancer checks should be a standard part of dental check-ups and we aim to encourage our patients to have it as a matter of routine”.

Those most at risk of oral cancer are males over 40, all smokers and users of tobacco products, especially when combined with frequent alcohol consumption, the human papilloma virus (HPV) infection, or over-exposure to sunlight.  Women and children may also develop oral cancer.


Symptoms to look for are:

  • A sore in the mouth that does not heal
  • Any pain in the mouth that does not go away on its own
  • Any white spots or red patches on the gums
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Thickening of the cheek
  • Weight loss
  • Constant bad breath

The Dental Studio Takes Care of your smile and your life

Regular checkups by a dentist or hygienist with the VELscope will draw attention to any problems which can be referred to a specialist for further tests, or biopsy if required.  The earlier the cancer is found, the sooner treatment can be given and the patient has a greater likelihood of making a good recovery.

The VELscope system does not use any rinses or stains.  A blue light allows dental professionals to view any abnormalities in the mucosal tissues of the lips, mouth and upper throat. The light “excites” molecules (called “fluorophores”) deep within the layers of oral mucosal tissues. In turn, those fluorophores emit their own light (fluorescence), in shades of green, yellow and red, allowing the dentist to accurately detect the source.

The VELscope’s proprietary filter makes fluorescence visualization possible, by blocking reflected blue light, and by enhancing the contrast between normal and abnormal tissue.  The scope is easy to use and provides a more objective method than visual inspection alone for determination of which lesions demand immediate biopsy and more aggressive follow-up, than would have otherwise gone undetected.


About The Dental Studio

The Dental Studio is the only dental phobia certified practice in Dubai and was inducted into the Leading Dental Centres of the World in 2010.  Every visitor is treated with gentle care and attention, where treatment is shaped to suit the individual so that they leave with the best possible smile.

Every member of the dental team is an artist, dedicated to changing the face of dentistry.  They use the best dental materials, state of the art equipment and expert dental laboratory services to get the best possible results that will keep their clients smiling for longer.

The core team of award winning dentists include Dr Jaco Smith – a family and cosmetic dentist, Dr Caroline Pazdera – family dentist, Dr Ajay Juneja specialises in prosthodontics and aesthetic dentistry, Dr Eyass Jebreen – specialist periodontist, Dr Siju Jacob – specialist endodontist, Dr Firas Hamzeh – specialist orthodontist and Joanne Flower – dental hygienist.


Full range of services include:

Dental care for children                    Orthodontic braces

Crowns, bridges and fillings             Inlays and onlays

Periodontics / gum sculpting

Endodontics / root canal

Smile makeovers & cosmetics



Laser dentistry

Oral cancer screening

Fresh breath clinic


The Dental Studio is located on Umm Al Sheif Road in Jumeirah 3 Dubai, For appointments, telephone 04 395 5095.


Opening Times: 08.30 – 17.30 daily, 08.30 – 20.00 on Wednesday, closed on Friday