Questions About Neck Lift Surgery


Do you have an forthcoming neck lift method, and want to know how to prepare? This simple beauty surgery is typically concluded quickly and without event, but there are some things you can do to promote a successful outcome. very first, you can adhere to the adhering to guidelines:

  • Avoid the prescriptions and supplements your doctor advises.
  • Stop smoking for a minimum of two weeks ahead of your neck lift.
  • Eliminate any other form of nicotine as well, including gum or skin patches.
  • Eat a healthy diet for correct nutrition.

When the day of your appointment arrives, you should pick out clothing items which are comfortable to wear for long periods. It is an exceptional idea to pick out a shirt or blouse that can be removed without pulling it over your neck. Also, you will need to coordinate your work routine, to allow for at least a week of recovery time.

Once your neck lift is finished, you’ll need a place set aside in your home which is perfect for healing. This is especially true if you’re having more than one method at once, such as a cervicoplasty along with a platysmaplasty, as your therapeutic time will be longer. You’ll need to put together the adhering to items beforehand, for the most comfortable convalescence possible:

  • Your prescribes pain medication.
  • An additional 14 day supply of your regular prescriptions.
  • A quality thermometer, to monitor your temperature consistently.
  • Medicated lotion to stave off infection, if instructed to treat your incision in this fashion.
  • An easy to reach telephone, along with several contact quantities if you need assistance.
  • Gauze to redress the incision.
  • A sufficient selection of cushions, making it possible for you to prop up your head in the correct position.
  • A caretaker for the 1st day post-surgery.

When you adhere to these simple steps, the therapeutic time from your neck lift surgery will be reduced. As well, your results will often be far better as well, so it is worth your time to follow these simple guidelines.