Oakley, Tag Heuer and Stella McCartney Shades


Well what a miserable week a week ago this is getting, because of the rain, grey clouds and bloody cold weather ! Here at the opticians I’ve been busy of late coupled with several surprise pairs of sunglasses are available in late so that has meant our excellent photographer needing to click much more shots off. I’m currently sat here while using heating on and searching out of my office window over the struggling sunny sky dotted with a lot more grey clouds. The weathermen are predicting a rainy May… I don&rsquot need to get out my umbrella anymore or my raincoat. I no doubt you do not want to be wearing our winter wardrobe when only weeks ago we wearing our summer outfits.

And so the other week saw the announcement of 100 day countdown for the Olympics which provoked a conversation from the Opticians with a few my staff and customers that did set us about laughing. First the outlet ceremony will be presented by Chas and Dave or Ant and Dec&hellip. The more controversial option maybe Simon Cowell and Danni Minogue ( as an the mixed relay we won&rsquot ask where did they will pass the baton without dropping it)

Then next found the particular games that could be played, egg and spoon race, sack race which quickly took over as the grab a handbag and peg it over 400m away, the hopscotch marathon, the bitch slap to get a kebab , shooting could be done after 20 shots of vodka and so on a higher street at nighttime (probably during my hometown of Nottingham!) Sailing would be pedalo&rsquos on Skegness. Lifting weights would end up being the keg roll. In most we underwent rather a lot of stupid tips for what are the world mentions us British.

The Olympics shall be a true opportunity for us to shatter these rather ‘off ‘preconceptions and show team GB means business and convey home the gold. Going off track through the fun the Olympics are a chance for us to prove how great a sport nation we have been with among the best sport personalities competing on our turf. Particularly I am getting excited about seeing Stella McCartney&rsquos creations moving and see them on the podiums. I ponder if they’ll be wearing the Stella McCartney sunglasses ?

Oakley and Tag heur happen to be busy these days with being sported by the extremes and tag being sported by the one and only your own Jenson Button. Take a look at our website for all oakley sunglasses and tag heuer sunglasses .

This is a winning year for individuals all and we will continue to target gold for you at Sendoptics

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