Nose Surgery Explained



There are many reasons why patients will seek out a plastic surgeon to discuss nose surgery, referred to as rhinoplasty. For some, there may be an real physical condition that impairs breathing, and nose surgeries would improve their quality of life. For others, surgeons are sought to help restore facial features that have been altered in an accident or damage. There are also individuals who have been dissatisfied with the shape or proportion of their noses, and desire nose surgery to enhance their looks. No matter what situations bring a patient to a plastic surgeon’s office, it is important to recognize that aside from what lies on the facial exterior, there is often a need to heal inside turmoil, too.

For some men and women considering rhinoplasty, there is a common, underlying desire to improve self self confidence and self esteem. In these cases, many have spent their lives dissatisfied with nasal features such as size, width, symmetry, nostrils or contour. They have grown drained of feeling inadequate or unattractive and want to change the look of their noses. They are wishing nose surgery will make them feel more assured and appealing afterward.

For those who desire rhinoplasty to fix damage done due to an accident or injury, these patients will have anxiousness about the ability of the surgeon to restore his or her nose to its previous condition. These patients can be grieving the loss of previous facial characteristics they admired and were content with facial characteristics prior to the accident. It is important that these individuals are aware of realistic outcomes to expect, if the damage is extensive.

Patients who need nose surgery to help ease a health-related condition can have many reservations about rhinoplasty, because they aren’t searching for a change in the look or contour of their noses, but need the procedure done to improve quality of life. There can be fear of dropping enticing characteristics by having nose surgery.

In all of these patient examples, one can see that some patients seek nose surgery praying it will improve their lives by increasing self esteem. Other patients were previously content with their nasal features, but needed rhinoplasty due to an damage or medical condition, and may fear the surgery’s final results. When patients, therefore, are considering nose surgery, careful attention wants to be paid to a client’s psychological desires as well as physical.