Hugo Boss – Good Background Info Relating to the Brand Name


The mention of the brand Hugo Boss will instantly create an impression in the ears from a style minded individual. The label is known globally as being among the front runners in the clothing sector. Having been formed in the early 1923, hugo boss has continued to dominate the fashion industry with its exclusive collections. Currently, it stands out as one of the leading fashion brands synonymous for the manufacture of men’s apparel. Having said that, it is recognized to manufacture fashion products including clothing and fragrance for women too. The business that now takes pride in world wide gratitude was started by a tailor, Hugo Boss who set up the initial working area for attire under the company name in Metzingen. However, this skilled businessman died in 1948 leaving the business in the hands of the Holy Brothers whom took over the control of Hugo Boss in 1967. It is by means of the hands of the Holy Brothers that Hugo Boss experienced transformations that made it a big named in the manufacture of gentlemen clothing.

Many years later after the overtaking of Hugo Boss by the Holy Brothers, the business was re-named to Hugo Boss AG. That is the company name under which the clothing stable operates to date. It is also during this time that the business went public. The Holy Brothers drove the company in order to major advancements, in fact, they are among those who pioneered Hugo Boss to the current state that it is now. However, following serving the company for over seventy years, the Holy Brothers resigned from the management of Hugo Boss in 1993 leaving the helm of Hugo Boss to be occupied by Peter Littmann as the CEO. Mr. Littman also propelled Hugo Boss to excellence and was later replaced by Werner Baldessarini as the CEO in 1998. To become the CEO of Hugo Boss, Werner had been an employee of the company occupying the position of Hugo Boss’ chief designer.


Hugo Boss had all along operated as a fashion stable that exclusively handled gentlemen selections. However, in 1998, it spread out its wings to produce its first range for females. Presently, Hugo Boss produces three main business wear designs for men including Boss, Hugo and Baldessarini. But, these are coupled by a variety of informal Boss Sports and Boss Golf collections. Besides, Hugo Boss is also a developing and licensing company for accessories as well as fragrances.

Currently, Hugo Boss supplies its items including both the men and women’s collection in over Ninety countries throughout the globe. Besides, additionally, it sells to around 350 mono-brand franchise shops around the world. The collections may also be obtained through a range of upscale specialty retail stores and rental chains on land and even over the internet. Having said that, it is calculated that very nearly 65% of Hugo Boss’ items are mostly sold in Europe with Germany becoming its largest market closely shadowed by the United States at the second spot. Currently, the control of Hugo Boss is split between various shareholders with Marzotto, an Italian textile business owning the biggest stock percentage of 50.7.


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