Hårklinikken flagship clinic in Dubai


Hårklinikken officially inaugurates Middle East flagship clinic in Dubai

Dubai, UAE; World famous Danish hair restoration brand Hårklinikken has taken its first step into the Middle East with the launch of its flagship Dubai facility. Hårklinikken offers individualized treatment for hair loss, based on proprietary products, pioneering techniques and unique treatment systems. The clinic’s reputation has continued to solidify over the years with the company now widely recognised as the leading hair loss treatment facility in the world, not only due to its unrivalled results but to an unwavering focus on ethics, transparency, and outstanding patient trust.

“We are honoured to open the doors of our Dubai clinic; the city is a modern day melting pot of different cultures and nationalities who appreciate quality and uncompromising levels of service, a core value of Hårklinikken. Using our Dubai clinic as a base, my team and myself will consult clients across the entire region. Our treatment model has proved a huge success across the globe and we are pleased to offer our services to both men and women now in the Middle East,” said Lars Skjøth, Founder of Hårklinikken.




The cornerstone in Hårklinikken treatment is the specialised products, known as ‘extracts’, which are custom-created for each patient. Customization of the ingredients contained in each client’s extract and the ongoing adjustment of the extract as treatment progresses is essential. Hårklinikken also offers a range of specialized shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that support the effect of the extracts. In many cases, hair loss treatment with Hårklinikken products is sufficient to solve the problem. For more severe cases, hair transplantation is required.

Hårklinikken has developed unique hair transplantation techniques using the principles of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Hårklinikken’s highly sophisticated FUE procedures allow for each hair follicle to be removed from the donor site, and transplanted one by one with minimally invasive instruments. Hårklinikken has also developed the more specialised “LHFUE” procedure, or Long Hair Follicular Unit Extraction, where long hairs are extracted from the donor site and placed in between existing long hairs. Hårklinikken’s transplantation techniques lead to natural results with very high density, and no real patient down time.

Hårklinikken’s Density Improvement Program (DIP) is based on the philosophy of treating clients and ensuring natural, lasting results and optimal hair density, by combining individualized Hårklinikken products with unique methods of hair transplantation. The first Hårklinikken was opened in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1992 and the brand now has locations not only across Denmark but also in Germany, USA, and now Dubai. Amongst patients are an increasing number of international celebrities including royalty, entertainers, and business tycoons.



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