GUERLAIN Habit Rouge L’Edition Du Cavalier 2013



GUERLAIN Habit Rouge L’Edition Du Cavalier 2013

Once again this year, Guerlain dresses the Habit Rouge bottle in an exclusive new riding habit.
As always, the costume honours the spirit of the famous horseman and tells a perfectly tailored
story down to the last detail… with a cover styled in the most authentic traditions of the equestrian
world to which Habit Rouge belongs.

For this limited edition, the removable and reusable coat embodies and exalts the elegance of the
stylish and impeccably booted horseman, with a timeless trail. This distinguished collector’s piece
makes a perfect Fathers’ Day gift, for all those – riders and non-riders alike – who appreciate this
fragrance that has taken them off the beaten path for generations.

This appealing attire takes its inspiration from the age-old tradition of saddlery. Its saddle-stitched
design, recognisable anywhere, is outlined like the hoofprints of a well-shod horse. Soft to the
touch like a tanned saddle, it plays on the contrast of raw leather and velvety suede, in shades
of crimson. An appliquéd riding boot recalls the fragrance’s origins and evokes its legacy. As a
finishing touch, the emblematic logo is embossed on the coat. The case has been adorned to
match: it too boasts all these distinctive elements.

As the epitome of French elegance that never goes out of fashion, Habit Rouge has galloped on
unfailingly beneath the stamp of its Guerlinade accord since its creation in 1965. This first oriental
fragrance for men was composed with passion, daring and freedom. Its bitterness comes across
as freshness, playing on the sophisticated accords of lime and bitter orange. Its heart, warmed
by patchouli, is spicy and pure. At its base, a leathery scent softens under the smooth caress of
benzoin, and vanilla adds a rebellious touch.