Forehead lift surgery info


Brow lift surgery or forehead lift as it is also called, is a procedure that aim to reduce heaviness and excess skin on the forehead and eyebrows. A forehead lift also corrects the horizontal lines and wrinkles on the forehead which develop over time and the vertical, so-called frown lines (glabellar wrinkles) in between the eyes.

Brow lift surgery may be performed with two different techniques, as a standard (open) eyebrow lift or as an endoscopic eyebrow lift. The standard forehead lift method involves placing long incisions behind or in the hairline.

The so-called endoscopic eyebrow lift procedure involves performing the surgery employing endoscopic (keyhole) method that decreases the necessity of incisions on the scalp.

The eyebrow lift lift procedure

When you arrive to the clinic at the day of your eyebrow lift surgery you will first be admitted and given a patient room. Thereafter the surgeon will see you, go over the process, answer questions and take photos from various angles if these have not been taken earlier.

After getting some sedative medicine it is time to move to the operating theatre. You are being attached to the monitoring equipment whereby you receive anaesthesia. A eyebrow lift is typically carried out under narcosis but also under local anaesthesia combined with sedatives. The brow lift operation will take 1-2 hours to perform.

As previously talked about there are two techniques for forehead lifts (open & endoscopic). The open procedure is the standard, and most thoroughly tested. It gives increased room for aesthetical alterations but also includes longer scars since the incision area goes from ear to ear, or alternatively across the hair line.

The endoscopic forehead lift procedure means that the procedure is being carried out through keyhole surgery which reduces the operative incision to only a couple of centimetre long incisions placed in the hairline over the forehead. The method leaves a small surgical mark and less post-operative problems. The result of an endoscopic forehead lift lift is not as dramatic and not always as permanent over time as with the open procedure. What procedure is used is decided by the aesthetical wishes and the surgeon’s evaluation of what must be done in order to accomplish the desired results with minimal side effects.

After the brow lift operation you should reduce the risk of swelling and bruising by keeping the upper body high and sleeping with the head in a raised position for three days. Other than swelling and bruising to the brow it can also show in the areas near the cheeks and eyes. The swelling and bruising normally subsides within 1-2 weeks after the surgery.

Eyebrow lift risks

As a result of the nerves healing process some reduction of sensitivity to the scalp can to some extent transcend to itching that can last for a long time. One can also count on some permanent reduction of sensitivity in the hair behind the surgical mark.

Any bandages which have been put around the head are removed after a couple of days after your forehead lift. The sealing staples and/or stitches are removed within two weeks, this is from time to time done at two occasions.

The hair next to the marks on the crown will in some cases get thinner but returns to normal growth after some time. In exceptional cases the problem may become permanent.

There is a slight risk of affecting the nervus facialis (facial nerve) and thereby limit the ability to frown. These signs and symptoms are having said that very unusual, and pretty much always temporary.

A different uncommonbrow lift complication is that an extensive keloid develops which may need correcting through scar revision surgery. The surgery involves getting rid of a part of the scar and sealing it once again so that a nicer scar is created.

Infection and bleeding is very uncommon, but can occur. In this kind of instances, an infection appears as an increased inflammation, aching or fever in the course of the first 3-6 days. Anti-biotics are given if this happen.

As with all types of plastic surgery one can minimise the chance of complications after your eyebrow lift by carefully following the guidelines your plastic surgeon has given you before and after your forehead lift operation