Exactly what girls think of the Berlei Post Surgery Bra


Have you just underwent a mastectomy, breast implant surgical procedure or any other boob job? If that’s the case, one thing you are going to notice is that your usual bras would be really unpleasant to use throughout the recovery period. The clips and wires on the brazier will probably be putting some pressures on your bust; this could possibly lengthen the recovery period. However, there is some very good news – Berlei has unveiled a totally new bandeau that’s specifically made for folks like you who are recovering from a boob job. There are many reasons why you should consider this Berlei post surgery wire-free crop bra during your healing period;

1. Comfort and Ease – Berlei Post surgery bra is designed specifically to give coziness after chest or bust surgical treatment.. Whether it is a beneficial bust surgical treatment like in the case of breast cancer procedure or cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentation, the Berlei post surgery bra will provide the ideal after surgical treatment additional tenderness breast wear. Due to the healing design, the bra won’t have any wires in your initial period of donning it hence not affecting the delicate parts adversely. A further big plus of the bandeau is that it will lightly hold your bust up so as to help you look fantastic without putting any stress on your breast. The materials utilized to make the bandeau are usually comfortable and soft on the human body.

2. Wide Adjustment – The Berlei post surgery bra as well has a wide adjusting allowance that will allow you adjust the brassiere to a adaptable plus comfort size. As your boobs fully recover, the chance is there for you tighten up the bra. This bra is thus suitable for folks who undergo a mastectomy which protracts over a long period of time.

3. Painless Adjustment –   Berlei Post surgery bra even offers a front and rear hook closure.. With these you can easily and perfectly adjust the bandeau. This is perfect as the individual donning the brassiere may go through discomfort while twisting and turning to fit and fix a bandeau. But using the hook closure, you can change the fitting without much movement.

4. Support Prosthesis – Another advantage of the Berlei post surgery wire free crop bra for post surgical treatment is that it comes with inner pockets on both ends of the bra. The pocket are there in order to enable prosthesis. The pockets are smooth and are made from cotton to ensure no additional pain or discomfort.