Dubai: How to deal with puffy eye bags


How to deal with puffy eye bags – see what is available at LCAS Dubai with Dr Maurizio Viel, plastic surgeon with over 20 years experience in London’s Harley Street and Dubai’s Healthcare City – surgical and non-surgical options.

Dr Maurizio Viel, plastic surgeon, at the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery Gulf, based in Dubai and London’s Harley Street, sees many patients who come to him complaining of puffiness and bags beneath the eyes.  That area of the eye is one of the most delicate on the face, and it actually hides little pockets of fat, and this becomes progressively harder and more obvious as we age, and sometimes, through genetic disposition, we are even prone to this puffiness prematurely.  Lower eyelid surgery, also known as lower blepharoplasty can be the key to addressing this issue.

The eye bag plastic surgery at the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery Gulf, Dubai

This plastic surgery procedure can be carried out under local anesthetic but at the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery Gulf, Dr Maurizo Viel, prefers for his patients to be sedated so that they are more relaxed as any surgery can be nerve wrecking, and any procedure around the eye is a delicate operation.  A small incision is made below the lash line and the excess fat is removed and redistributed to create a more even appearance.  The surgery can take 2 – 3 hours depending on the severity of the case.

The advantage of removing the eye bags and puffiness

This can turn back years on a patient’s face – it can refresh the face and the patient’s instantly looks less tired.  The scarring is minimal, and the patient recovers quickly from this minor procedure.

The disadvantage of the eye bag surgery

It is important to choose a good plastic surgeon for this procedure because the right amount of fat has to be removed, and not too much should be taken out otherwise the patient can get a hollow look under the eyes.

Non-surgical options

This can include using

Dermal fillers – to blend in the puffiness of the eye bag

Eye Creams – Very few of these creams work in extreme cases but it is investing in one to prevent the onset of eye bags later on.

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