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While the best souvenir a woman can ask for is the little bundle of joy delivered by the stork, AZUR SPA – UAE’s first and only ‘social spa’ – now introduces ‘So…Precious’ Tummy Mask , the most popular pre-natal gift for moms-to-be, which lasts a lifetime.

This fun activity can be the highlight of Baby Shower Spa Parties as well, where friends and family can sign the mask with cute little messages.

To create the Tummy Mask:

  • The belly of the mother-to-be is layered with strips of wet plaster gauze that is left to dry for 30 minutes, and then lifted to air dry for another 24-48 hours. Once dry, the sanded mould is treated with base paint, and is then sent for final designing.
  • Customers can choose from an existing design library or provide a design of their liking.
  • The mask can be customised using textured paint or embellishments.
  • The final ‘So…Precious – Pregnancy Tummy Mask’ is delivered to the client in one week.
  • The pregnancy tummy mask can either be kept in its original form or painted and embellished to produce stunning effects.

Basic mask (plain white base coat without design)            : AED 550

Customised masterpieces                                                            : Depends on design selected

Ideally done in the 7th or 8th month, it is also possible to do a series of life casts to capture the progression of the pregnancy. Created using medical-grade plaster gauze, tummy mask application is completely safe for both mother and baby as well.

Once ready, the masks can be mounted on a wall, framed in a shadow box, placed on an easel or displayed on a shelf. They can also be turned into functional objects like a bronzed, decorative bowl or even a sheepskin-lined bassinette.

Rana El-Eid, Managing Partner of AZUR SPA says, “Pregnancy is one of the most primitive and rewarding experiences for women. Why not capture the journey for a lifetime, with an artistic piece that will be an aesthetic addition to your child’s nursery, or any room in the home for that matter?”

Azur Spa continues to make a name for itself by offering the ‘wish I thought of that’ to its clients, specialised in enhancing beauty and now capturing it for eternity as well.


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The UAE’s first and only ‘Social Spa’, AZUR SPA is the brain-child of entrepreneur Rana El Eid, the name behind RED Design and award-winning Café Céramique – A taste of art.


This full service salon and day spa aims to bring together the latest technology, beauty products and services to develop innovative concepts such as ‘Azur Spa on Wheelz’ for its clientele. Each new concept emphasises on being highly personalised and unique and encompasses treatments for hair, body and overall wellness.


AZUR SPA is fast-changing the way we engage in spa activities, not just by creating special treatment packages, but also bringing together partners to take the experience to the next level. Some of the popular packages offered by AZUR SPA include – Glow and Go, Sail ‘n Spa, Brides and Besties among others.


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