Breast Augmentation – 10 Important Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon


Breast augmentation surgery in Chicago should carry an extremely high level of patient satisfaction.  In the last few years, however, I have noticed an increase in the number of patients who have been referred to me because they are unhappy with the results of breast implant surgery.

This apparent contradiction could have several reasons.  First of all, there is an increase in the number of marginally qualified doctors who perform this surgery.  Second, there are some individuals and organizations that have chosen to aggressively approach this field as an exercise in marketing.  The only interest is in selling a product.  No time is taken to see whether the operation is appropriate for the patient’s needs or anatomy.

One of the most valuable services that a doctor can provide his patients is to say “no.”  If a patient is looking for an operation that will damage her breasts in the long term, or who has personal or medical reasons why this may not be the best time for surgery, then it is the doctor’s duty to instruct the patient as to why she should not go ahead with the surgery.  One must always put the patients’ interests first – to me, this is inherent in the concept of being a physician.

This role as trusted advisor (and, dare I say it, friend) is even more important in our current era of hypermarketing.  As the advertising campaigns become increasingly glossy, as the websites become increasingly “enhanced” to promote unrealistic expectations, patients are increasingly confused about what are the realistic outcomes from this operation.  In my opinion, it is the doctor’s job to help his or her patient make a decision that is realistic, offers long-term value, and is tuned to her lifestyle as well as her personal concept of beauty.  This result simply cannot be achieved unless the physician and patient take the time to establish clear communication.

To help you, I have put together a list of ten questions that anyone considering breast surgery should ask.  If you ask them of me, I will be honored.  If you ask them of another doctor, it may help you select someone who is proceeding from a true interest in your well-being.

1. What is your training and what are your credentials?

2. What is your experience in performing plastic surgery of the breast?

3. What is your artistic vision? What do you think looks good?

4. What are you trying to achieve in my particular case?

5. What facility will you perform my surgery, and what is their accreditation?

6. Who will administer the anesthesia during my surgery?

7. What kinds of breast surgeries do you perform?

8. What is your hospital affiliation?

9. How will the operation safeguard the natural form of my breast?

10. Are you considering the whole patient or just the breast?

As a final word of advice, have confidence in your instincts. There are different styles of patients and different styles of doctors.  You should continue your search if you feel you have not made a positive connection with your doctor and his or her team. Since I have been in practice in the Chicago area for a good while, I have a very good sense of which doctors take a well intentioned interest in their patients’ well-being and work extremely hard to produce high-quality results. All I can tell you is this: please respect your intuition if it tells you something isn’t quite right here. Give yourself a brief exit interview shortly after you have had your consultation with the doctor. Ask yourself the following questions. Did they take time to learn your medical history? Do you think that the doctor has a good perception of your goals? Does he or she share your vision? If your instincts say yes and you have answered “yes” to these questions, then it is very likely that your decision to proceed with breast augmentation surgery will be one that you’ll be happy about, both now and in going forward.  To learn more about breast augmentation, visit here.